Monzo Apple Pay doesn't work for in-app payments

I didn’t realise apps could do this. My First Direct card works on Stubhub Apple Pay. But Monzo doesn’t work.


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I am assuming that Stubhub have the “supports3DS” flag set on their ApplePay merchant capability settings which is preventing it from accepting the :monzo: card since :monzo: doesn’t yet have 3D Secure . They probably use WorldPay which requires this setting to be set.

Sorry - on further reaserch it can’t be this!


But I successfully used my Monzo card in the app the old way (ie card number, CVC and expiry)…

They might not have a 3d secure requirement for their non apple pay interface… Wouldn’t be surprised!

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Weatherspoons do similar - all but my AMEX card are supported for Apple Pay in-app transactions…

One payment provider I worked with had to manually set 3DS for every payment type, every available card type (visa, mastercard, amex etc), separate settings for dev too.

At one point we lost 2 days dev because they didn’t put https urls in for live payments, for some reason they added http urls. Spent ages telling them we’ve done everything at our end and it must be they’ve configured it wrong…



So… it can’t be for the reason I said it was since supports3ds is actually a required option. I was testing it out on the ApplePay demo site - and the only other settings I can think of is that they don’t have MasterCard listed in the supported payment options. :confused:

Stubhub say it’s not them blocking Monzo on Apple Pay:

Thank you for contacting StubHub. I am happy to help with your query today.

I do apologise that you were unable to place this order via Apple Pay. Apple Pay is an accepted payment method on StubHub and it should have worked.

Please contact Apple Pay customer service directly as to why this did not work.

And another update from Stubhub:

We usually have no issues with people purchasing with apple pay. If you call your card provider they may have it blocked for certain sites. Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused for future payments if you are having an issue call us and we can review it at the time and see what the issue may be.

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