Monzo app bug

Issue: Why does the Monzo app always get corrupted? I am always having to delete the app and re-download from the App Store. It’s happening too frequently now, it’s been happening for months.I use an iPhone 14. What happens is after awhile it’s just suddenly will not let one access the app, when u try it kicks one out instantly and can’t view anything. To fix I always have to delete app and re-download.

Details to reproduce:
**App Version:**must be the recent one as I have had to download from the App Store severally.

Screenshots: can’t take screen shots as it just kicks one out instantly

Hey there!

I can see you said it’s been going on for months and you also have the iPhone 14, just to confirm the issue was persisting before you made the hardware change right?

What ios version are you on? Is it the latest or testflight?

I think this is just another instance of the crashing bug that’s already been widely reported. At least that’s how I interpret what they mean by it kicking them out.

Does your issue sound like what I’ve reported here OP, like in the gif of the screen recording I uploaded?

The various threads on it could do with some consolidating tbh.

Is there any update on this yet @AlanDoe? It’s been a few months since your last reply about it.

I use the latest iOS and updated today again and it still happens

It happens too frequent for liking.

It definitely is a bug and needs urgent attention

Assuming the bug you describe is the same one reported in the other threads I’ve linked to, Monzo know and are working on it!

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I am bending to loose confidence in Monzo and thinking if nit using it as my major bank anymore.

Why are they unable to fix a bug that’s been going on for months and I can lots of people are reporting it.

It’s ever more too frequent now and annoying inconvenient.

When is this to be fixed?

A handful of people have reported it. It’s annoying for you, but it’s not a major issue.

In order to fix it, they have to identify the cause. When they do that I’m sure they’ll ship a fix as soon as possible.

I’m inclined to agree that you shouldn’t continue to use Monzo if this is still happening.

But for balance, I’ve used Monzo on a succession of iPhones, iOS versions and app versions, and have never had to delete and re-download the App.

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Fix needs urgent attention