Monzo £71 Million Investment (November 2017)

(Tristan Thomas) #21

Emails from Crowdcube inviting previous investors to invest in this round will be going out over the next hour or two :slight_smile:


I’ll be keeping an eye on that!

(Sacha) #23

Logged into Crowdcube and £300 has now been raised under the “My Portfolio” section…rising all the time!


I can see my initial investment, but no other figure? beginners guide pls?


I don’t suppose there’s any chance you can share the general approach taken for the allocation calculation?

I’ve just received the email from Crowdcube, and although I appreciate the fact investors have any allocation at all, I’m surprised at the (very low) maximum number number of shares I’m able to purchase given my investment to date.

(edit: not complaining - just interested! :slight_smile: )

(Sacha) #26

I have a Monzo (96% “processing”, no idea why that doesn’t show in green as “invested” from the last round)
and then a Monzo (1% “raised” on the line below amongst my other non-Monzo crowdfunding investments shown on the left hand side of that page).

(Peter Roberts) #27

Same. It still seems to list Monzo as “creating share certificates” as well. No idea if that’s normal, I haven’t used Crowdcube before Monzo

(Tristan Thomas) #28

Yes, it does seem low. We’re just looking into this and I’ll update you ASAP!

(Sacha) #29

The My Portfolio section shows £570 invested being 0.68% of the equity. If that was scaled this would only be £84k or so available in total to crowdfunders, seems a little odd?


still waiting for my email to arrive (unless they only go to second round investors and not first round investors)

(Kai) #31

I’m one of the second round investors, I haven’t got mine either.

(Tristan Thomas) #32

Emails from Crowdcube are temporarily on pause while we just investigate the allocations for each person are correct (see above). Will update once they start again :slight_smile:

(Tristan Thomas) #33

And don’t stress! You’ll have 7 days to complete investment so no rush :running_man:


Yes would be great if you could share the formula. Looks like those who put £2000 in for about 3000 shares can only buy 20 more shares? Is that right?

(4 Round Investor) #35

£1.5m raise across 6,000 odd investors will only allow a small volume of shares to purchase assuming everyone re-invests.

Tristan will the 2018 crowdfunding raise be on the same terms?

(Max Walker) #36

So here is some maths…

Raise 1: This was £1million at £0.50 a share so ~2million shares
Raise 2: This was £2.5million at £1 a share so ~2.5million shares…

Fast Forward: They want to raise £1.5million at £2.35 a share so that is ~638,000 shares available in this round…

Assuming you get the same ratio then 4.5million/~638000 = 7.05

So theoretically if Monzo allow everyone the same percentage of your existing number of shares you can have up to one additional share for each 7.05 you already own…

But, they may take the view that the smaller investors should have the right to own a larger proportion of the shares if they want them which makes this calculation irrelevant, as yet we don’t know

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #37

Can I just say , having read most of the thread about everybody being worried about getting their fair share of share allocations - WELL DONE MONZO - the whole team - for getting to this stage in your business life , having the confidence of professional investors that are willing to stump up SEVENTY ONE MILLION POUNDS into a business that didn’t really exist around 2 years ago except in the heads of you guys - clap clap clap clap - outstanding effort :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

(Peter Collier) #38

This is fantastic news and a great endorsement of the team and the company that this series d funding has been raised. One noticeable investor that stood out to me however was Stripe. They stood out because of their relationship with the group behind the crypto-currency Lumens - the Stellar Development Foundation. Stellar’s tech is a decentralised network that enables faster cross-border payments (forked from Ripple). The problem I have with it is the founder - Jed McCaleb who by all accounts is a genius but has an extremely contentious business background and history. Given the nature of Monzo and what it wants to achieve as a bank, I’m concerned that Stripe, as a major investor, may push this as a potential third-party partner for Monzo. I’m sure your team have done due diligence in this area, but it did raise an eyebrow for me and a slight note of concern. This attached article, although lengthy, is great investigative journalism and provides some interesting reading that I would urge the Monzo team to read:

(Peter Roberts) #39

That would suit me ^_^, but I doubt it

(Sacha) #40

Just got the email to invest :grinning:

To give an idea on how much available, I invested £1k in the second round (none in the first) and was able to invest a maximum of £350 this time.

This is the pitch given to investors this time around