Monzo 1-2-1s: Join us for a ☕️

(Zainab Khan) #1

We love our 1-2-1s at Monzo. I remember my first week here, I had so many people come to me just to say “Hey, you’re new - let’s have a 1-2-1”. I was in awe of that! It’s one of my favourite things about Monzo, the people. Now I’d like to share that with our awesome community – and give you the chance to do a 1-2-1.

This is a form where you can register your interest - and at the beginning of every month we’ll randomly select some people and invite them to meet someone from the team. This meeting can be anytime in April, and can be over a coffee during the week if you’re based in London or a Skype call.

Over time, we’ll see what works and what doesn’t and improve upon this. If it’s something you end up enjoying :smiley:

Below is the list of team members that you’ll be able to choose from - and a little bit about them :speak_no_evil:

EDITED TO ADD - If you are unsuccessful this time, your name will automatically be entered into the next month :slight_smile:

Matt - Engineer, enjoys yoga, photography and chocolate truffle making :chocolate_bar: (@matt)
Zainab - Community Manager, loves matcha lattes :tea: , henna and grew up in :de::us::canada::uk: (@Zainab)
Hugo - Head of Design, speaks terrible English and generates innuendos inadvertently :speak_no_evil: (@hugo)
Dillon - Overnight Customer Operations Lead, likes Cold Brew Coffee, played drums on stage with Green Day (@dillonvanauken)
Valerio - Head of Internal Product, bakes on a weekly basis and eats no garlic :cake: (@valerio)
Maria - Head of People, reads a lot of fiction :books:, likes flat whites :coffee:️, maps and origami :earth_africa:
Naji - Community Manager, spends weekends in his greenhouse, has a devilish sweet tooth :lollipop: (@naji)
Tristan - Head of Marketing (Interim)/Product Manager, lives on a boat :sailboat:️ (@tristan)
Nigel - Data Scientist, loves standup comedy :microphone:
Sunny - Paid Marketing, can do karaoke in 4 languages :microphone:, childhood dream was to be a meteorologist (@sunny)
Jarno - Business Operations, likes fancy coffee and milkshakes :baby_bottle:, occasional radio DJ :headphones:
Andy - Software Engineer, likes Appletinis (don’t hate) and has 2 cats :cat2::cat2: @andys)
Emma - Customer Operations Manager, :us: in :uk: and I’ll pretty much play any sport if asked :volleyball: (@emma_mondo) EMMA CHANGE YOUR USERNAME :speak_no_evil:
Karolina - Business Operations, doesn’t drink :coffee:️ and likes to talk about the future of work
Dean - Head of Legal & Compliance, likes filter coffee with milk :coffee:️, using long words and techno music :sunglasses:
Josh - iOS Engineer, likes a Chai Latte and flying planes :airplane:️ (@jgarnham)
Natasha - Head of Fraud on the prepaid card, likes skiing :ski:, coding, used to play hockey a lot :field_hockey: (@natasha)
Sarah - Financial Crime Analyst, likes Matcha Lattes (Zainab you have good taste) and scuba diving
Tapas - Customer Operations, #craigdavid #football #sitar #makingpeoplesmile (@tapas)
Daniel - Security Engineer (@daniel)
Ole - Head of Product, originally from :denmark:, loves pickled herring and Negroni (@ole)
Kavi - Android Engineer, lives for music and choosing his trainers for the day is the toughest decision he has to make :athletic_shoe: (@kavi)
Will S - Business Operations, won the handwriting cup :trophy: when he was 6 and hates queuing. (@Will-S)
Anthony - Business Operations (@Anthony)
Francesco - Customer Operations, works remotely from the :fr: countryside (@francesco)
Sam W - Business Operations (@samw)
Venkat - Head of Lending, met 2 Nobel Laureate on the same day and had coffee with one! (@venkat)
Simon B - Overnight Customer Support, once headlined the MTV Awards with his band and was part of the memorial ceremony for Prince (@simonb)
Ella - Business Operations, cat fanatic :heart_eyes_cat: and has a baking degree (@Ella)
Beth - Customer Support, can land double somersaults and has a pet tortoise :turtle: (@Beth)
Riz - Business Operations, mans the phones and tells sales people we’re not interested
James Lich - Business Operations, likes playing hockey, cycling, beer and gaming :bicyclist: :beer: :video_game:
Paul - Deputy Chief Executive + Co-Founder, owns and runs a farm with 200 alpacas :open_mouth: :tractor: (@paul)
Priyesh - Engineer on the Financial Crime and Security Team, Chai is the best tea :india::coffee:️ (@priyesh)
Irina - Backend Engineer, likes Oolong teas and plays Roller Derby
Emma - Android Engineer, learning Dutch and is afraid of jellyfish :scream: (@emmag)
Simon - Core and DevOps engineer, hates milk in coffee :baby_bottle: and has lived in 4 countries (@simon)
Gemma - Financial Crime Risk, loves her two dogs :dog: :dog:, the countryside :national_park: and running :athletic_shoe:
Dimitri - Head of Data & Analytics, originally from :kazakhstan:, even grew up next to Borat :wink:, has numbers for breakfast :1234:
James - iOS Engineer, likes tea and is quite tall (@james)
Richard - Software Engineer, eat sleep debit card repeat :robot:
Fred - Backend Engineer, moved from :iceland: to build a bank in tropical London (relatively!), loves listening to podcasts while walking around a bustling city :cityscape:
Robin - Backend Engineer, always up for an Earl Grey :coffee:, enjoys climbing rocks :mount_fuji:
Ivan - Android Engineer, is from Galicia :es:, likes black coffee and running :running_man: (@ivan)


A lottery? Best not even put my name down.

(Zainab Khan) #3

:worried: It’s going to be an ongoing thing, so everyone has a chance.

Would love to hear ideas of other ways you think may be fair? I don’t want to base this on a rewards system, so a lottery sounds the most fair.

(Alex Brooks) #4

Shame @tom isn’t on the list. Guess he’s a busy boy these days.

(Valerio Magliulo) #5

what’s a matcha latte? :flushed:

(Zainab Khan) #6


Try Yerba Mate instead, it’s an acquired taste but you soon get hooked

(Leon) #8

Yeah why not? Put my name down.