Proof of current account details

If anyone needs a ‘proof’ of holding a current account with Monzo you can ask the helpful guys on the CA app chat to generate you one and they will email it to you as a PDF.

I needed it for a grant payment but I can imagine mortgage applications may require similar ‘proof’ of your current account. The letter includes a note that full bank statements are not available yet as they are “finalising designs”.

Once the current account is rolled out to everyone the Monzo team may want to consider sending everyone an initial welcome letter by post that confirms your account details to save having to request one. I guess this might be the same letter that the debit card is attached to?


Good to know they can do this. I’d hesitate to ask for them to automatically send one (I already have far too much paperwork) and they are apparently reluctant to print account numbers on the card for security reasons so I guess that they wouldnt be up for printing it and sending it with the card for the same reason.

A button to automatically a PDF or send a letter would be useful though :slight_smile:

Great idea - prefer this to my suggestion and agree it is probably more secure!

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PDF export saves :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree: too


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