Bank transfers to Turkish EURO account and vice versa?


is it possible to transfer money in Euros from a European account to a Turkish EURO account - without converting it into the Turkish currency? And if I transfer money from my Turkish EURO or USD account to Monzo, do I lose money?


I’m not sure I understand your first question.

With regards the second question, any transfer from a non-GBP account to your Monzo account will be converted at the Mastercard rate. There are no fees. However, I don’t believe such transfers are fully integrated and ideally you should consider an intermediate account (transferwise or similar).

This Monzo blog post may help, but also do a search for other topics where people ask similar questions:

Hi again,

I have a bank account in Turkey with 3 different accounts for each currency: one Turkish Lira account, one EURO account and one USD account.
Can I transfer money between Monzo (in Euros) and my Turkish Euro account?

Yes there is a Transferwise integration so you can send GBP and it will be converted by them and arrive in the destination account in the chosen currency (Euros are an option). Just use the Pay > Bank transfer option and you should be able to choose International.

Transferwise doesn’t allow to make transfers into Turkish EURO accounts, they insist on coverting it into the Turkish currency. Can’t imagine it works with Monzo then. Thanks though

@cemkrypton why not talk to the bank who you have those accounts with to see if they could do that for you?