Money to the pot

I was just wondering if it was possible to just have the pot of not the card so when I transfer money it just goes straight into the pot


Why not?

I’m not quite sure what you mean. Do you mean you want to be able to transfer money directly into a pot from an external account?


Because pots don’t have a sort code or account number.

Can I ask to have the sort code and account number moved to the pot ?

Do you work for Monzo ? If you do how do I ask for the overdraft to be removed ?

This is a forum primarily for users. If you want help from Monzo staff its best to contact Monzo support via in-app chat

I answered question about overdraft in your other thread. In help section of app type Manage overdraft for more info

No it doesn’t work like that

If you have an overdraft just switch it off yourself, search help for overdraft

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I just need the app to be a savings account. Thank you for your help

So did you sign up for an overdraft or not, if you didn’t ask for one you’ve not got one in the 1st place.

Are you transferring £100 or more to your Monzo account each time?

If you are, Salary Sorter can be set up to move an amount up to the value of the (£100+) transfer to a pot in a few taps.

If you could link a virtual card to a pot maybe this could work in the future