Money making tips

Because they’re fucking desperate and it’s sometimes life or death for them and their families. OP is probably mostly happy with his life but just lucking for an easier financial time.

Makes no odds to me, I don’t struggle so just offering suggestions based on observations.

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Sometimes you need to get desperate to make positive change in your life.

If I needed money in the short term, I’d absolutely look to sell some things - With local Facebook selling pages, it’s easier than ever, and you’d be amazed by what people want.

There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme - Not that works anyway.

As others have said, the longer term planning of finances is the way to go.

I’m wary to suggest this, and I would do your research first, but I made a few thousand from matched betting (where you take advantage of the sign up bonuses that online betting sites offer).

But if you aren’t disciplined, and you don’t do your research, it’ll cost you.


I made a few hundred some years ago. I think that they’ve tightened the rules since then. I’m not too sure it is as effective these days.

Cutting bills is the biggest aspect; I have my quarterly chat with EE and ask them what they can do for me.
I’ve slashed my bill recently in return for more data at the expense of speed. If you have multiple mobiles in the same house on their own contracts, try and consolidate it into one if your network allows. I know EE allows family plans that share your allowances.
Also if you have subscription TV, get rid and use Freeview, that’ll save a substantial amount.

sell stuff on eBay or CEX ?

Thanks everyone for your advice and tips…I used to run a few online business back in the 80s and did very ,very well …but family and a franchise got in the way. I’m always learning new skills and hopefully it will pay off. I’m normally a positive type of guy…just feel there’s more to life than paying bills.

Thanks again , have a great day


Now that’s impressive :wink: