Best way to make money in medium term

Hi all.

So due to various personal circumstances I am soon going to find myself no longer on the property ladder. (Not for financial reasons)

The bonus of this however is that I will be 100% utterly and completely debt free. No credit cards, no loans. It is something I am excited for.

So, the aim is to get back on the property market within 5 years.

I am going to save until I have a lump sum as my backup finances which will be enough to cover 3 months worth of wages. That’s probably going to take me 12 months.

After that however I am unsure of what to do with my savings.

Investing in the stock market (please feel to correct if I am wrong) is more of a long term option. I am wondering what the best mid term option would be. Interest rate’s are low so surely it cannot be just putting the money into savings and ISA’s? Is there something more that could be done to make the money work for me?

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In the short term? Not really, otherwise we’d all be doing it :frowning_face:

Those that are saving up for the first time usually find that a H2B or a LISA bootstraps their savings in the first time, but that’s not going to be an option for you, so you’ll need to grab the highest interest accounts you can find. If you know you won’t need the money, there can be some decent fixed savers out there that’ll at least match inflation.

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