Weekly Food Shop

How much is normal to spend for one person at a weekly food shop ? I was shocked when it came to £53 today, in Aldi !

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I read somewhere that the average person spends £160 a month on food for one. So about £40?

Presumably that’s not including eating out or anything.

Im London based and live with my partner. Each 1st of the month we will easily do a £200 online shop, and then during the month we will buy more food at Coop Local for example and that would add up to another £150 per month. So about £350 all in which is £80 per week.

Shocking right?

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London: Me and my fiancée spend around £250/month.
Generally do a weekly shop.

Usually Lidl or Sainsburys.

We spend between £200 and £250 a month for 2 people :slight_smile: Food/Eating Out of by far my biggest expanse after mortgage…

Eating out is about £150ish a month

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I’m ashamed to say me and the other half both just buy food to cook each night, on the day… So wouldn’t actually know… it’s always on the list to start planning ahead, but then I can never decide on meals in advance.

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If I include all the top up bits and random stuff probably £400 a month for 2 of us

Worst thing for out planning is, one meat eater, one vegan… so literally it’s 2 different meals every-time :confused:

That would drive me insane! Although I’m probably worse. I weigh out everything and count all my calories!

We plan our meals for the week and also shop in Aldi. I went shopping yesterday which came to £51 but the shop normally comes in about £40-£50 a week, so maybe £200 a month but that is for 2 people

Last time I checked our household spend around £100 a week on a food/household items. There are 3 of us.

We do our main shop at Tesco then pick up extra bits from Aldi, Waitrose.

About £50 a week for me and 2 kids


£50-80 a week for 2 adults & 2 kids.

I probably average around £40 per week, but that’s just for myself. I might start shopping in Aldi because I hear they’re cheap and good :thinking:

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Lidl is cheaper i think, both are cheaper than Asda etc

When I walk in to Aldi I feel like it’s going in to the 70s… at least the Rutherglen one anyway :rofl:

I usually go to Asda since it’s nearest to me, but I’ll give Lidl a try as well as Aldi!

I think that’s just Rutherglen :wink:

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Just me to feed and I average about £250pcm. Looking at some of the amounts quoted, I am seriously overspending!

Looks like it’s time to give up that foie gras and Krug champagne habit, eh. :joy:


That, or you have very serious M&M problem :wink:

I spend about £60pw for 2 adults (or one adult and me :smile:)

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My grocery budget is £40 a week for myself and my three year old.

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