"Money Available" message using Contactless

I’ve just used by Debit Card for the first time to pay for a coffee. I paid using contactless, and I just caught a message on the contactless terminal after it approved saying something like “£100.61 available”.

I don’t remember ever seeing something similar with the prepaid card. The amount is quoted as available doesn’t tie-up with by account balance, or the price of the coffee.

Is this a new “feature”?

I’ve seen this too, I mentioned it to in-app chat who suggested it was an issue with the card terminal. Glad to hear I didn’t dream it though!

Sounds odd, I’ve use that terminal twice a day 4 days a week for 12 months, and I’ve never seen it with any other cards. It must be something unique to the debit card.

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In that case I’d definitely pass this information to the customer support chat!

Happened again this morning. Actual message is “Available £100.61”. I’ve reported it in-app.

Hey @arcing, which merchant did you see this at? :thinking:

It’s not a high street retailer. It’s a corporate catering company that runs our office restaurant and coffee shop.

The response from Monzo this morning was that this is a “known issue that we are looking into. It happens randomly with some terminals.”

SWR once told me I had £14million before the machine crashed. Also a contactless transaction with a special thread here: SWR Contactless at Ticket Machines

I saw it at H&M

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I also saw this when using contactless at H&M. Same amount of £100.61 too.

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