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So care to share your secret to no ads?

I have ad blocker installed but clearly doesn’t get them all

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I don’t know of any adblocker that doesn’t get google ads. Just use nano.

Try pihole


It makes sense for Monese to push this, because they only pay the new account holder, instead of referrer and referred.

No, you aren’t confused. You are just being smug and telling the world you block ads, desperate for someone to ask you how to do it. As transparent as it gets.

Yes, they are good looking cards. I think I would prefer the logo to be maybe 30% smaller though?


Nah, I’m pretty sure everyone know how to do it. Clue’s in the name.

Back on topic:

And we thought Monzo’s support was slow…

I’ve been waiting three days and counting now for a response with Monese :frowning:

Has anyone used this to collect Avios yet? Is it just the few retailers listed? I’d be tempted to use it for this feature, I really don’t like to put too much on my Avios credit card.

“unless you want to hold Euros”

That actually seems to be quite a good idea at the minute. You get a separate card for your Euro account as well, which Revolut don’t do, and Starling haven’t got round to yet

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Yes, for this specific purpose, it’s currently unbeatable. Hold and spend euros the way it should be.

Monese let you create a virtual card in the app now.

I reckon Monese is the closest to giving Monzo a run for its money in the competition–stakes.

If/when it gets a banking licence, it’ll be an equal.

I was looking at Monese the other day - but I always end up forgetting them compared to the other fintechs. They do look good, though.

Do you know if they’re aspiring to a banking licence? And what puts them (presumably) of Starling et al for you?

Actually I use Starling as my main account. If Starling only had payday–to–payday budgeting like Monzo then it’d be the perfect account.

That’s because my brain works best using ‘envelope budgeting’ where I send my spending money to a separate place. I was using Monzo for this but the general direction the bank seems to be going in – nickle and diming paying in, the disastrous Plus debacle, the inability to create a Joint Account that doesn’t require every single new function that Monzo creates to be reengineered for joint users (how the eff did Monzo even manage to do that?!) so much so that Monzo just doesn’t bother in reality – has stuck in the craw really.

Meanwhile Monese seems to have successful paid–for tiers and is innovative as well. I thought I had read somewhere that it was trying/considering a banking licence, but I can’t find where that might have been.