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So care to share your secret to no ads?

I have ad blocker installed but clearly doesn’t get them all

I don’t know of any adblocker that doesn’t get google ads. Just use nano.

Try pihole


It makes sense for Monese to push this, because they only pay the new account holder, instead of referrer and referred.

No, you aren’t confused. You are just being smug and telling the world you block ads, desperate for someone to ask you how to do it. As transparent as it gets.

Yes, they are good looking cards. I think I would prefer the logo to be maybe 30% smaller though?

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Nah, I’m pretty sure everyone know how to do it. Clue’s in the name.

Back on topic:

And we thought Monzo’s support was slow…

I’ve been waiting three days and counting now for a response with Monese :frowning: