Monese Reaches 1 Million users



They reached a million fairly fast. You may regret saying catch up in a few years

(I’ve never used their app and have no idea what it is like)

I personally know of at least two people that confused Monzo and Monese and signed up to Monese instead by mistake. I suspect there are more people than that

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I joined Monese just yesterday.

I’ve had a Pockit account which is used as my daughter’s debit card, but yesterday moved over to Monese because it doesn’t have the monthly fee and I was sent a referral link that gets me and the referrer £15. Nothing to lose, there! So I’ll close Pockit and keep Monese.

For all that Starling, Revolut and Monese have a lot of users I rarely see them when I’m out and about. I see Monzo cards everywhere. I don’t know what to make of that, just more of an observation.


It might be a case of you noticing Monzo more because you use it. Plus it is very bright

Why would people chose Monese over Monzo (they don’t even have a banking licence) ?

Monese fees and limits

With a free account:

  • You pay £4.95 for a contactless card.
  • Cash withdrawals cost £1 or €1 depending on your location.
  • The currency exchange fee is 2%.
  • Direct debits are free.
  • Post Office deposits have a 2% fee, a minimum of £2. £500 maximum deposit per day.
  • PayPoint deposits have a 3.5% fee. Maximum £249 per transaction, £500 per day

I don’t imagine people would choose it OVER a bank like Monzo.

I seem to remember conversations on here around identification and the like, making it quicker, easier and actually possible for some people, like recent arrivals, to open an account

The card is free with a referral, I believe.

Debit card topups are now also free.

Monese do a Euro account.

Depositing cash, ATM withdrawals and FX are all bad though

Edit: you also get an IBAN, so good in situations like this

You could ask why people would choose Monzo over (“Bank X”), considering they charge for cash deposits, have high overdraft fees, charge fees on foreign ATM withdrawals above a certain amount, etc. Each person will look at the pros and cons and select the bank that works for them.

I wouldn’t personally use Monese because of the various fees but I can see where it would appeal to some people. Similarly, I stopped using Monzo for the same reason, yet many people love Monzo as it works for them.


@danmullen What bank do you now use ?

I use Starling.

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Could you DM me a referral link if you have one? Might open one for my eldest to use. It’ll mainly be amazon (pop vinyl addiction) so sounds perfect until Monzo sort it out for younger users

Doing so now. :slight_smile:

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This is interesting. I personally have never seen anyone pull out a Monzo card, but then I don’t actively look for what people are pulling out of their wallets or purses. Sadly though, you’ll also see people quite deliberately flashing a particular card about quite intentionally just to get attention. Quite what their thinking is, I have no idea because most other people who see that happen, just think the person doing it, is a prat.

For my own part, I’ve only ever seen one other person other than myself or my Wife, actually posess a Starling card, and that was a cousin of mine whom I was having Sunday lunch with and I didn’t even know he was a Starling customer. It was one of those ‘snap!’ moments. To be honest, bank card spotting isn’t on my top ten list of observational priorities.


Are there any banks that actually charge for having Direct Debits? :joy:

On the mainland, yes!

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I think all the links got deleted from the referral thread…

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