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Hi. Old thread but thought I’d just add to this. I work at a university and whilst enjoying a couple of after work Beers in the union bar, I saw a bunch of posters advertising Monese as a good option for students (a cursory look at their website suggests it’s probably not).
Not sure how much it’s worth for monzo, but I wonder if they should be making a greater effort to attract students?

Monzo is so well placed to serve students… it’s scary (Halloween get it)

Anyone using Monese recently? I’m perpetually put off by their paywalls.

I have an account there, not really used it much except for storing a very small amount of euros.

£5 for a card is an annoying fee but understood, I really don’t understand their cards being prepaid though, seems a step backwards!

Can you run a virtual card?


I use Monese as my Bill account. Each month I get paid I put the required amount into that account to cover all my DD’s and standing Orders and debit card subscriptions. What’s left in my main account I know Is mine for day to day living and spending. Then what I have left at the end of the month in my main account goes into a savings pot and I start all over again the next month. Find it a great way to save too.

Just saw this ad from Monese

Christmas is a time for giving…
…and receiving!
:gift: Open a current account with the code XMASGIFT and receive a £15 gift.

:white_check_mark:No need for proof of address
:white_check_mark:No need for a credit check

Gift? Money?

No idea. Haven’t had chance to try it yet?

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What are your experiences with Monese, it’s kinda like Monzo, except it gives EUR & GBP account.

Another bank Monese has now enabled Apple Pay. Easy and flawless to setup to my iPhone and Apple Watch.

Side note: Monese isn’t a bank, and so isn’t regulated as such.


Seeing there ads everywhere at the app. Surprise the name wasnt too similar to Monzo

They have enabled Apple Pay on there uk and Euro cards now can add them from the app

Any new Monese users on here?

I’ve had an account with them for a while but never really used it. Gave it another try there recently and must say I really like the minimal design of the app and simple approach to merchant details. The card design is cool too and they offer both UK and EU accounts, so if you are in need of an IBAN to receive money then Monese would be a good choice.

It has a few downsides though. They are sill operating under Prepaid Technologies and aren’t a full bank. They also don’t offer any form of savings account or have any way to set money aside from the main account (aka pots). They also have fees for ATM withdraws (£1 each) and fees for foreign currency exchanges (2%). You also have to pay £5 to get a replacement physical card (that’s £5 each if you want a UK and EU one)
I suppose the upside of this is that they are able to make money and I imagine it means they are somewhat profitable and don’t need a load of investment money to keep going. (Not dissing Monzo ofc)

Overall I think this would be a good day-to-day spending card if you are one of those people who likes to keep their spending and main banking activities separate. It would be a great replacement for Pockit IMO since you don’t need a permanent address to sign up. It’s also a nice, easy to use back-up card as you can easily top up via PayPoint or debit/credit card. This is obviously not something you could use as your main account though, its just missing too many features.

TL;DR: I see Monese as a more well put-together N26.
Minimalist design but completely usable for day-to-day spending.

Shameless referral code plug: JOSHU817
(We both get £10 when you sign up and make your first card payment)

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If you Google Monzo. At least for me the top link is Monese as an ad

I get starling first then someone’s link to join Monzo and then Monzo itself

I get 3 ads. First for n26, then some dude with a £5 link, then Starling.