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(Tom Buckle) #63

Hi. Old thread but thought I’d just add to this. I work at a university and whilst enjoying a couple of after work Beers in the union bar, I saw a bunch of posters advertising Monese as a good option for students (a cursory look at their website suggests it’s probably not).
Not sure how much it’s worth for monzo, but I wonder if they should be making a greater effort to attract students?

(Bruce) #64

Monzo is so well placed to serve students… it’s scary (Halloween get it)

(Splodf) #65

Anyone using Monese recently? I’m perpetually put off by their paywalls.


I have an account there, not really used it much except for storing a very small amount of euros.

£5 for a card is an annoying fee but understood, I really don’t understand their cards being prepaid though, seems a step backwards!

(Splodf) #67

Can you run a virtual card?



(Neil) #69

I use Monese as my Bill account. Each month I get paid I put the required amount into that account to cover all my DD’s and standing Orders and debit card subscriptions. What’s left in my main account I know Is mine for day to day living and spending. Then what I have left at the end of the month in my main account goes into a savings pot and I start all over again the next month. Find it a great way to save too.

(Splodf) #70

Just saw this ad from Monese

Christmas is a time for giving…
…and receiving!
:gift: Open a current account with the code XMASGIFT and receive a £15 gift.

:white_check_mark:No need for proof of address
:white_check_mark:No need for a credit check

(Leon) #71

Gift? Money?

(Splodf) #72

No idea. Haven’t had chance to try it yet?

(den50) #73

What are your experiences with Monese, it’s kinda like Monzo, except it gives EUR & GBP account.

(Neil) #74

Another bank Monese has now enabled Apple Pay. Easy and flawless to setup to my iPhone and Apple Watch.


Side note: Monese isn’t a bank, and so isn’t regulated as such.

(Simon) #76


Seeing there ads everywhere at the app. Surprise the name wasnt too similar to Monzo

(SimonL) #78

They have enabled Apple Pay on there uk and Euro cards now can add them from the app