Mondo users at other banks

So I work as an analyst at another large bank, went to lunch today and saw two people with the hot coral card of :mondo: ! Thought it was funny how they’ve already managed to lure away people (myself included) who work for other banks. It’ll be interesting to see if more switch once :mondo: gets its license and becomes more than a prepaid card :smiley:

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Yay, that’s great! :smiley: We’re taking over stealthily from inside :wink:

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Probably not hard I worked for Barclays a few years ago and was surprised how backwards their systems were at the time.

No surprise there were three balances at all times. It was so low tech. Might have changed since then. They also insisted we were paid into a Barclays account, which was a pain as it was before faster payments were introduced. I knew people working for RBS and CoOp who also had the same policy.