Modular app


How about making the app more modular so you can download a basic app with account ledger with transaction data and maps but download an extra module for targets and stuff like that. Those who don’t want these extras can therefore have a more slimline installation in their phone that takes up less space

(Rika Raybould) #2

On iOS, the app should shrink as soon as the Swift language reaches ABI (Application Binary Interface) stability. Long explanation short, ABI stability means the compiler won’t have to bundle so much in the app’s executable.

One of the things I would like to see to reduce the app’s size is the adoption of some form of on-demand resource fetching and releasing for assets such as the Hot Chip animations in the queue. I recall from my app bundle digging that combined, they took up quite a bit of storage.

Unrelated on the Android side but I’d love to see some consideration for the best practices of Android Go (both data usage and app size), especially as Monzo’s aim is a billion customers and even many UK customers may be traveling on limited data! :wink:


app size is very important on Android when phones cluttered with Google and Samsung bloatware that you can not delete

(Gareth) #4

I assume there would be two issues:
a) You would need multiple apps in the store, or an internal download mechanism; slowing down and confusing the initial joining process for new users.
b) Features may be dependent on each other in future so missing a module might break code without more bug tests.

That said, a Lite app that offers basic functionality could be made by Monzo or a third party using the API. It might be possible to make a web app so no actual app to download?


If it was third party there would be a lot who would not use it. Having an a basic app plus and extras add on should not be too complicated for people to understand.


This could be useful but I think you’d be surprised at the aptitude of the genpop when it comes to this kinda stuff.

Also I think it’s just cleaner to have a single application. So maybe it would be better to concentrate on reducing the size of the application itself.

I mean it’s currently sitting at 40MB on it’s own, with the data and cache taking it up to 90MB. That’s a pretty hefty bin.


Or make the app movable from internal memory on the device to external memory on the SD card


Oh shit, that used to be a thing didn’t it. Yeah that could be a decent idea, but your banking app would simply disappear when the SD card is removed.

Newer Android phones mostly don’t have expandable storage and usually have 32GB as a minimum, so I haven’t really thought about storage space for a while.