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I don’t personally see this, it’s ashame if you feel that’s happening but I am 100% sure things are spoke about at Monzo following flagging, and compared to most internet forums, we are given a lot more space to talk things through rather being stopped for every little thing.

I do hope we can find a way to feel happy on here and can just get back to posting on the community without needing to get polarised so consistently.

Anyway it’s Sunday evening, and this is starting to go In circles for me, so I’m off to walk the dogs and see life away from my keyboard for a bit :slight_smile:

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Well said, sir!


Not necessarily, although you can make it clear that you never suggest or condon people do certain things. You by no means have to police anyone as much as some people these days would like.

That kind of thing seems to stem from the fact the some people here seem to have forgotten that Monzo are a bank and a company. You have zero loyalty to Monzo but people act like they can do no wrong. It’s not healthy.

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If someone doesn’t like a thread



I think it’s fine :man_shrugging:

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This is piralling around itself now and we’re back into areas where a whole lot of personal opinion is now being repeated as fact.

This is where all the problems begin.

We all think differently about things and without tone, the writtten word is notoriously hard to read. It’s terribly easy to say what’s good, bad, should happen and shouldn’t happen when you read something in the tone of voice you want it to have been written in.

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While I agree with this, I do have think that flagged posts are often the most interesting.

I always stop to look at flagged posts first when scrolling down a thread.


So we’re going to ignore the fact that there is definitely a treatment bias to people who are cynical of things as opposed to people who are extremely pro-Monzo and don’t feel the need to question certain things or criticise them in any way at all?

I’m not making it up that posts get flagged despite breaking no rules - mods do nothing to help with that. I can link posts if needed.

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There is no bias, mods tell everyone off all the time even me.

People get banned all the time.

People get flagged all the time.

You only see one side of things.

It’s a forum, it’s the internet.

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No beard Noel is really creepy.

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Emoji’s for life.

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The problem is that while that’s your opinion, it may or may not be anyone else’s. Welcome to the Internet…

I’m afraid I’m not engaged enough to worry about how bank staff choose to moderate a bank forum. I enjoy posting here but this is my leisure time so I’m hoping it will be enjoyable. I have a job and family that demand most of the rest of my time and that’s what I need to save my stress management for.

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So was a naked Keith Chegwin :eyes:

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I haven’t recovered from that experience. Proof he was alcoholic though. No sober person would agree to that.


Rules are black and white. You either break one or you don’t. It’s not an opinion to check something against a list and say “ah this does break the rules” or “no it doesn’t break the rules”.

That said, this thread is going in circles now so I’ll dip.

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Rules are interpreted by the minds of the people that enforce them. Nothing’s black and white.

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Zebra crossing.

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I dunno I mean he probably got paid a lot drunk or not, don’t forget there is that show on CH4 Naked Attraction. Now that I would never do.

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