Moderation on the Community

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I forgot that existed. Christ that’s depressing watching.

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Firstly, thank you to everyone who has posted for the ongoing discussion.

I think there is a huge danger in using rigidity and groupthink to describe a subjective abstract. Moderation is not a definitive concept bound by absolutes. It is an ongoing daily practice that more often than not requires us, as moderators, to make decisions. Those decisions are informed by a huge amount of factors. I fundamentally disagree with the concept that because the code of conduct explicitly says X and that a post specifically meets that criteria that it must always lead to a particular action of Y. It may well, but there are always multiple things to consider, many of which will be subjective.

It’s exactly why we have the Coral Crew. We’ve had accusations of them being biased in the past. But to the contrary, they’ve all been selected due to their consistent reliability and level-headed tone.

As Peter so eloquently put it…

I wholeheartedly agree with this. This lives above the concept of specific rules or codes of conduct. Or, to put it differently, it is the entire crux of the code of conduct.

Be adults, be civil, and make this a healthy place for everyone. Imagine that every post you make might be seen by someone who is brand new to the forum. Would it make them want to engage? Does it reflect the vibrant user community? Is it inclusive? If it’s critical, is it constructive in nature, with actionable feedback for the people who can make decisions to improve it? These are some of the questions that must always be asked.

The flag system works to highlight potential issues, because it comes down to judge of character and those who have shown themselves, consistently, to be acting in the interests of making this community a better place. If you are someone who has insulted other users, diverted the flow of discussion in non-productive ways, used demeaning language, received warnings, then it’s a fact of life that any flag you make has inherently less value than someone who has consistently helped us to make both our community and our product better. Again, that’s not an absolute - some issues are very clear cut and it doesn’t matter who flagged them, if it’s clearly inappropriate and obvious to everyone then it is what it is - those posts are usually flagged by several people. But most flagged posts receive just one flag, and that’s generally not enough to establish a consensus, so other factors and motivations must then be considered.

For the avoidance of doubt, that description of a user above, can, and does, fit people who have consistent praise for our product, as well as others who are more critical. So as far as we are concerned, any attempts to pit “pro” or “anti” against each other are unnecessarily polarising and ultimately quite unproductive.


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Do you see what I mean :thinking:

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Not really, I’m afraid.

You wrote something that could be interpreted as rude to another forum member and someone flagged it. That’s what the flagging system is for.

It’s not about whether we agree or not, it’s about the opinion of the individual who presses the flag button moderated by staff.

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Gosh. The devil in me so wants to flag this :smiling_imp: :joy:

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More seriously, yes, I do. :white_check_mark:

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I do in fairness , I personally didn’t think that was particularly rude , Ive seen much ruder elsewhere that are "allowed " by moderators, but really this is the tricky job of the moderators , its flagged , you can still read your comment , but somebody took offence at it so the system is that if the Monzo staff feel it is offensive having had it brought to their attention its removed isn’t it ? your comment is still there

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I think that where a person argues robustly against the consensus of a thread, there is a tendency for their other comments to be flagged for little or no perceptible reason.

I think it’s natural for this to be perceived as aggressive (or passive aggressive, maybe).

I noticed this morning on another thread that a comment was flagged, but before I could read it, it became unflagged. It was argumentative, but benign (in my view).

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I agree but the usual end statement of not being able to convince others that your view is correct is words to the effect of " the monzo bully boy cultists once again have pack attacked " as another has said its like wearing your Everton shirt in the Anfield end and going in saying Liverpool are cr*p :slight_smile: then going back to the everton end and saying there all cultist over there :slight_smile: :slight_smile: and all the Everton fans agreeing yes they are - ironic really


I’m absolutely fine for you to quote me Ian - There’s nothing I wouldn’t say on either forum, although I’d prefer it if you got the context right :smile:

The Liverpool/Everton analogy was to do with the fact that this is a Monzo specific forum, not a generic “brand loyal” forum, and was in fact said as a defence of the Monzo forum.

It’s understandable that most people here are loyal to the Monzo brand, and there is no doubt (in my eyes anyway), that some of the comments stem from an emotional point of view, rather than a logical point of view (which again, links back to the football fan analogy).

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Not to single you out here but. I think your response here is a key way we can highlight why the forum has gone the way it has recently.

To me… your point was rude and abrupt. If you had of thought before hitting enter there or even come back to your comment in a few minutes I think you’d have realised there was a more civil response that could have been made here and your reply was open to being taken the wrong way. Unfortunately a repsonse like yours is more likely to get a subsequent rude response and then the whole thing spirals.

I know i have responded purely out of passion myself a few times on the forum and believe we should all maybe take a moment to check our responses before we reply on the forum from now on :slight_smile:

This forum is up there with what makes Monzo great, lets keep it that way together!

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Im just expanding on the context of members coming from what was really the ex Starling forum commenting negatively on Monzo on their forum and the majority on that forum ( the Everton end if you will ) agreeing - just the same as the Monzo Starling feedback thread here - which has thankfully been closed down - there are hardly any positive posts regarding Monzo on the other forum - but thats accepted as - “well its Monzo”, I feel - maybe wrongly , but it does seem at times pot kettle and black of like minded individuals each supporting " their team "

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This thread may as well be closed because like all the others of this nature…


I’m sure you’ve seen my comments on that - Personally, I’m not a fan of commenting about other forums - I said the same about the Starling feedback thread (which was 90% the Starling Forum feedback thread), and I’ve said the same on the FinTech thread.

Completely get where you are coming from with the comparison, and whilst I disagree to an extent, there is also some truth there (which I guess is part and parcel of the internet these days).

I think the negativity towards Monzo stems from the “forum” aspect though, rather than the product itself (something that I, and many other users use extensively).

But I generally try to ignore the comments that don’t add much value where possible.

You’d be a good voice to have if you wanted to contribute over there - I’m a little outgunned on my usage of Monzo currently! :smiley:


I do.

On the plus side the moderators should be reviewing the flags, and if a flag is made with malicious intent then the mod should disagree with the flag. That will undo the flag but will also put a black mark on the person who flagged your post.

More black marks and the mods can talk to the person about why they keep doing it.

It works so long as community members flag things appropriately and leaders and moderators also do their job.

It’s falls apart if mods don’t do their job in regards to dealing with inappropriate flags.

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To be fair… I think this is a pretty fair reflection. Whilst there are a few great people on here, there are a few which do tend to take things a bit fair (I’ve said this a few times when threads like this appear… so this shouldn’t be a shock to anyone).

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I’m pretty sure there’s scope in there for flags not being ‘upheld’ even if they weren’t made with malicious intent. Clearly, the feelings of one individual member may not reflect the feelings of Monzo.