Moderation on the Community


I’ve mentioned before that I feel like there is a rift on the forums, mainly a core group of users indeed. Those with conflicting ideas that will tear at each other endlessly. But the other never stops so neither do they :thinking:

The love that Monzo get sometimes does indeed make it suffocating - it even spreads off of this forum. For example the guy who wrote that news article that some Monzo users didn’t like. He got absolutely ripped into it and ended up calling monzo forum users a cult. We can’t pretend it’s not an issue - but it’s certainly a problem that’s inflamed, partially, by the core group of users.

I’ve personally seen a number of posts that are pro-monzo but indeed break the rules, however because they’re pro-monzo no one flags them. I’ve messaged moderators about this and flagged them myself, but they never do anything. It doesn’t matter if they’re pro-monzo or not surely - they break the rules.

(Jordan Taylor) #22

There’s certainly a small minority that are indeed ruining it for others, but for as long as conversation is kept civil and views are respected, then everything should be heading in the right direction.

(Jack) #23

If you feel they do please flag them or drop one of us a DM so we can pass this on. I’m confident the decision making isn’t biased towards pro monzo when a post breaks the conduct.


No matter how civil a conversation is kept, flagging people’s posts unjustly and leaving them hidden for everyone who sees them isn’t civil in itself. It’s using the power of difference of an opinion to silence someone you don’t agree with.


I’ve spoken to Monzo employees directly about this and they’ve not unhid any of my posts nor have they done anything about the ones that do break the rules. It’s indeed an unfair system @Jackcrwhitney but I’ve given up actually trying to ask for change. They don’t even reply to me.

I even went as far as asking them to just punish those that use the flag system unfairly, but they’ve not gotten back to me on this either.

Just so I don’t get accused of trying to inflame an issue like I got accused of last time, I’m perfectly open to being contacted via dm to discuss this issue.

(MikeF) #26

If staff disagree with us over what does or doesn’t break rules then they are automatically right since they make the rules.

At the point we start disagreeing with that principal then it’s probably healthier for all concerned if we back away from the forum completely at that point! A battle of wills of that sort of minor thing is something that is unwinnable.


They don’t even reply or even talk about it, they just skip over the issue entirely. If they said that they disagree, that’s their choice and I have no problem with that.


At the end of it all, this place is on the internet, the internet always seems to be a place of polarised opinions.

We make this place, if we keep on over analysing each other, or finding ways to sway off topic endlessly we be the making of our demise.

Rather than finding ways to highlight it all, why don’t we just post like we used to, and let the few that try to rock things drift away when they don’t get any reaction.

(MikeF) #29

Why would they reply or talk about things? See flag, review post, take action (or not) seems to be the process. I’ve never had anything other than a canned response to a post I’ve flagged. Like it or not, that’s simply the way they work.


I think this only happens if we let it happen. The onus is on all of us to behave temperately and to discuss the facts rather than, in your words, “tear at each other endlessly”. Indeed, I worry a bit that it is characterisation like this that sometimes make it more difficult to engage when disagreeing.

For my part, I have noticed users whose approach seems unnecessarily aggressive. Now, we look at content not tone, but their approach is above a stylistic difference and into micro aggressions. It takes different forms - bringing grievances from different threads into current conversations, not letting issues go, bringing up pet issues, and so on and so forth.

These all add up and recently I’ve found myself not wanting to go near threads where certain people are posting. :man_shrugging:

I suppose my plea is for us to engage constructively and to acknowledge that opinions aren’t binary. Look for middle ground, try to be empathetic and to see things from others’ perspectives. Ultimately, we’re just a bunch of people writing on the internet - we shouldn’t all take it so seriously!


This would be fine if you didn’t get people just flagging posts to hide them, at the very least it’d be a fair system on both sides as opposed to one that tips in the bias of the forum. Then everyone would get ignored as opposed to having their opinion silenced entirely.

(Liam) #32

It’s the personal attacks that I find most unpleasant.
There’s an edge of if you’re not with us, you’re against us… and we’re coming to get you.

Just days after users were thrown off the forum for doxxing a guy in one thread, blind eyes have been turned to personal attacks on a journalist - just because he wrote something that went against the prevailing wind here.
Not content with that, some forum members took it upon themselves to actively harass the guy on twitter.

I think when this happens - without challenge - the community starts to actually damage the Monzo brand. That’s a huge shame.


One flag isn’t enough to trigger the hide post + manual review. So an opinion that isn’t in agreeance with the bias of the forum will get hidden but the popular one that breaks the rule will not and thus won’t be reviewed. I’ve literally had a civil conversation with Monzo staff themselves and then my post flagged hours later. If it broke a rule, why didn’t the staff do anything at the time?

(MikeF) #34

I don’t tend to ascribe motives to other people when they take actions like flagging. I don’t know who they are or why they did it.

Making up a justification in my head as to ‘why’ something happened just leads to me getting annoyed at a fiction I’ve invented myself.


I recall being the only one who received a ban from that besides a troll account, despite very active members of the community liking the post that mocked his financial status - despite one of them being coral crew there was no action taken besides “formal warnings”. If this doesn’t sound like ineffective moderation, I’m unaware as to what is.

Everyone else was fine for liking it, after apologising and missing the point entirely. (a picture of his family was used and they apologised after realising that, not realising the issue was liking the post that mocked his financial status)

(MikeF) #36

If this is true, fair enough. If it’s not then let’s not make it seem true by writing it here. I don’t know know who did what nor what their forum status was.


I’ve seen people here get angry at others because they had a different opinion, regardless of their opinions your not meant to attack someone just because they won’t agree with what you want.

Forums are difficult to moderate. You need to create a good set of rules and then apply them equally with no bias, both aren’t easy to do. If your going to have a forum you can’t just silence someone because they’re a bit grating or have an opposing view, and you also can’t just let someone off because they said something you liked even though it broke a rule.

Rules need to be clear and easy to understand. If the rules are ineffective they should be changed, and if the rules are fine they should be applied equally.

From the occasions I’ve seen it’s not always that anyone’s doing anything wrong and seems more to be that people won’t stand back and allow people to discuss views openly . Basically you can’t change someone’s opinion, so stop bringing out the bat to try and make them change.


It is true. Lookie here at the replies.

I haven’t actually read the article that Monzo posted, but I recall reading that it didn’t mention that Tom didn’t want people to start attacking the author.

(Jack) #39

If true, is it monzo’s place to dictate what goes on outside of their domain in this regard?
I agree it shouldn’t happen but policing the internet can be difficult.


See my above post, it wasn’t condemned as it should have been.