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It would be great if there was a “top my mobile up” feature in the app that would use the Monzo credit available.

Topping up via third party e.g. natively on Three network is a real pain in the ass. Part of this is entering the payment card details such CVV every single time.

As Monzo is already storing the card details, why not to make it seamless :wink:?


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Three are storing the card details not Monzo and you are just entering the CVV number to confirm it is you.

This is common on most sites such as Just Eat, Dominos and Pizza Hut.

Not sure how this could be done unless Monzo spoke with Three?

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Daniel mentioned this in the developer’s Slack channel last week -

so I would have thought that paying by Direct Debit would be the most frictionless solution.

I appreciate the fact that there are drawbacks but one the current accounts launch, Monzo will show you when your DDs are due, send you a notification whenever a DD payment is taken (just like your other transactions), put a safeguard in place to prevent a DD causing you to go overdrawn & won’t charge you fees for rejecting them which might address the concerns that’ve stopped you using them before?


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I don’t think you can setup a DD for PAYG mobiles though.

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It’s fine that CVC is not stored, but if some sort of API was available from Three/O2/etc to top up, then Monzo could integrate with it from Monzo app side, right?

I always find it meh, I prefer to top up by phone call (skipping ads by pressing 1,1,1,1,1 until I hear what I want), but if I could press one button in Monzo to top up my phone, I’d be eternally grateful. Lastpass seems to not fill the form properly on o2 page on mobile and I rarely top up from my PC (not sure if Lastpass’s auto form fill works there though).

I even went as far as asking my flatmate to top up for me, pretending ‘difficult environment’ and ‘poor internet’ as reasons. Sending him money is really easy with Monzo. However he might get suspicious, if I ask too often… :smiley:



There appears to be no mention of charges on your web site - how are you paid?


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Also have @kwikpay spoken to anyone at Monzo to see if they can ‘advertise’ on here?



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I want to know if they over charge before… :smiling_imp:


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I reckon at lease 10-20%

Also what do they do with the data that they get i.e. mobile numbers, E-Mail addresses etc.


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Deleted the post above that was blatantly advertising


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It’s not Monzo’s problem if the carriers are crap and can’t be bothered to provide good user experience for topping up.



Why not just take the extra step?

Monzo Mobile with native integration :stuck_out_tongue:



With tariffs that cost 3% more on overseas roaming.