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Doesn’t really say anything then without a figure.

10 people go looking. 5 earlier, then 10 at a later time.

Not a lot really then.

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Add me to the club.


Mrs Revels unhappy?


Then she should be using her account :smiley:

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Seriously what is the chance this isn’t Lyca? The odds must be so insanely low that it isn’t

I assume you have to cancel that card now, doesn’t seem to be a virtual?

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I haven’t yet. I thought the advice was not to bother when it’s just an active card check?

It was a successful active card check in your case, meaning your card has now been marked as active by the fraudster and you can expect to have money stolen any moment now

Atleast freeze it


Surely all active card checks by their definition are successful?

The last time I had one like this Monzo support told me not to worry.

When it’s an active card check at a merchant you recognise, you shouldn’t worry. Eg Amazon checking your card with them still exists

Obviously there is no reason for strong marriage now to have your card details, and their trustpilot is full of people complaining about fraudulent transactions

Strong Marriage Now are likely not involved, but their website allows a fraudster to check if your card is active and find out the result of that active card check - which is how they are testing if your card details are currently active. Now that they’ve discovered they are, the next step is to use them or sell them to somebody else

Make no mistake, somebody either a human or bot has typed your card details into the Strong Marriage Now website. If that wasn’t you then obviously you need to take action to protect your account

Here was what monzo had to say about my unrecognised active card check

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Card cancelled, new one on the way. Byeeeee :yellow_square:

I’ll be moving Lyca to my Lloyds credit card from now on, just in case, then it’s not my money! What a farce!


Glad i am with EE direct with all the issues with lyca hack.

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So, is this card details being compromised from the previous data breach in October or a new one? I’ve only been with Lyca a month or so and hoping I won’t be affected.

Mine can’t have been October as I’ve only made two payments to them and both more recent than that. 29/3 & 4/5.


Another reason not to use lyca :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Speculation :joy:

The odds of it not being Lyca are lower than the odds I can turn £200k into £1M in roulette tonight

Let me define that:

  • the odds of 3 different virtual cards that were only used at Lyca being fraud tested against the same merchants on the same day
  • the odds of 12 different ISPreview users having fraud attempts against the same merchant, with the only thing in common being Lyca
  • the same above but for an odd 5 here

How else do we see this affecting a lot of people in communities like ISPR without it being a mass issue affecting hundreds of thousands of people, or a single merchant that was compromised and is by chance the only thing in common between those people?

Sure, possible it’s not Lyca, not very likely.

Lyca also just publicly lied about receiving no complaints from their customers, both me and 3 others from ISPR emailed atleast one of the Lyca complaints or fraud alert emails, they have not replied to anybody but they did reply to somebody on twitter 2 days before they said they received no complaints

If no one ever pointed it out, it would never be solved as im sure Lyca would love this to never be acknowledged


Let. It. Go.

Also, wasn’t it MarkJ that asked them and they said no complaints? Nothing public?

Also also, depends what part of Lyca was asked.

You’re so set on shaming Lyca and needing them (for some weird reason) to out themselves as breached and responsible.

Man needs a life.

Nobody needs to shame Lyca, they have a very long Wikipedia page that does that for them…. You know, just some money laundering and tax evasion in 6 countries give or take

MarkJ posted a comment which was a statement from Lyca, as they aren’t replying to their customers

If anybody you should know that Lyca, if breached, can issue the advice to their customers to cancel their cards and save them a lot hassle

Lyca has shown many times they have zero respect for the law

Mark had a statement from them (likely email or message) stating this, it wasn’t publicly shared by Lyca, just between the two which mark shared. There’s a difference.

You’ve spent the best of a week, maybe less, going on about it.

Obsessed comes to mind. Everything ok?

You realise that if nobody talked about it, Lyca would enjoy never having this acknowledged?

Nearly everyone who also experienced this did before i posted about it

They are clearly processing them in batches, since there were a few after. If you were a customer im sure you’ll be affected soon, followed by all the articles and the ICO fine

And yeah sorry, I am a little obsessed with it. Part of the job though, you get to laugh and enjoy the sh*tsbow from an outsider perspective. This is close to the TalkTalk breach, but if card information was leaked it will probably have a much worse impact