Missing / unexpected image on ‘by QR code or link’ screen

Issue: When navigating to Payments > Request money > By QR code or link, there is a missing image and therefore an exclamation mark is shown. The image is possibly intended to be the QR code.

Details to reproduce: Navige to the above
OS: iOS 17.0 (21A329) (Public Beta)
Device: iPhone 14 Pro
**App Version:**5.40.0


This is a known issue


It’s been this way for a few months now:


They have a workaround ready to go for when iOS 17 officially releases tomorrow

Well now would be the time to release it. It’s not even deployed on the TestFlight build yet AFAIK.

The vast majority of the apps I use were updated for iOS 17 compatibility last week, so they’re leaving it very late.

iOS 17 releases today, not tomorrow.

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Oh, I thought it was tomorrow as the usually release on Tuesdays.

I’ve just checked the feature flags, and as of 5 mins ago, the “ios_17_qr_workaround_enabled” flag has been set to ‘true’ (from the previous ‘false’) - so it’s worth a re-check!

I can’t , coz :android:


Yeah, looking good now :+1:


It’s ugly and glitchy (the logo is having a spasm on my phone) but there is a QR code that can be scanned.

Hopefully just temporarily, because as a permanent replacement, this isn’t up to standard.

You’ve had 3 months knowing it was broken and to implement and ship a suitable fix (which this ain’t). This isn’t good enough and Monzo should do better.

The QR code only changes if you input an amount to pay, as the link has to change - it is static otherwise, it also changes if you enter a reference

It’s a temporary solution to an Issue that Apple seemingly caused.

Not sure what others are seeing, but I’m getting exactly what I did before, the Monzo ‘M’ in 3D when you tilt your phone from side to side ……. no glitches that I can see!

Mine is doing this despite the fact my phone was completely still on my desk.


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Needs Diazepam! :rofl:


Strange - fine on my 14 PM.

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Same on my 13 pro max

Have you tried uninstalling the app, restarting your phone (important) and reinstalling the app, it usually fixes issues like these! :face_holding_back_tears:

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Ugh. No. I’m not doing it. I had enough of that song and dance with the crashing bug a while back. I don’t have the time nor patience to spend troubleshooting it. Especially today of all days. :pensive:

I’ve never in my life had to uninstall an app, restart my device, then reinstall it before Monzo. Or since for that matter.

It was fine this morning before they flipped the switch.

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Fine for me too on iPhone 12 with fresh iOS 17 update and latest app.

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

I personally, and selfishly, found this hilarious considering it was aimed at Sir Tom of all community users - and still can’t tell if it was serious or if there was a large tongue in a big cheek. I guess the face_holding_back_the_tears emoji indicates the latter


I did figure out heading to the app through settings and reset session at the bottom fixed something for someone recently.

All it required after was a login via email. Seems it blanks the app to fresh.