Miscategorised Push Notification

Issue: An advertisment sent via Android push notifications was categoried as ‘Important’. This means it can’t be turned off without missing important service announcements.

Details to reproduce: Have important category notifications enabled
OS: Android v11
Device: Pixel 2
App Version: 4.1.1


Isn’t there one for promotions too?

What have you got your notification settings set to?

There are 2 levels on :android: - in-app and system-app. Here are mine as examples:



(I don’t like to miss out…)

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All are enabled in both. When the advert came through I followed the notification to Android’s system notification manager, in which it was categorised as Important rather than Tips and Tricks or similar.

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I can’t, unfortunately, figure out if you’ve received unwanted marketing from the presented facts from your post at this stage - dependent on your settings, sorry.

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