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Downloaded overnight, got into it … Interesting look/feel on it versus Twitter, feels definitely very Instagram themed.

Not sure how much I’ll actively use it - maybe it’ll be a Twitter competitor, maybe it’ll just be seen as an Instagram add-on. :eyes:

If anyone’s interested, I’m on there @Michael.w.90 :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m curious how things trend on it, hashtags? How does it work?

It seems pretty MVP at the moment, trying to get it out to people as soon as they can without the full “twitter-competitor” experience imo.

We’ll see if it’s got the staying power, and see how Meta ruin it in the future, like they ruined instagram.

It looks like at the moment hashtags don’t do anything.
They’re a thing in Insta though, so would expect that to be implemented fairly quickly.

My username is @anotherbrummie, odd how the feed isn’t showing anything other than celebs at the moment

They probably have trends behind the scenes and are monitoring them. Probably didn’t want to include in the initial public release as they could potentially be embarrassing. Once they are confident trends are working well, I’m sure they will be released.

Honestly, a breath of fresh air from other options. I used to be heavy into Twitter, and do occasionally check it, but since it became such a binfire less so. Then the gram itself, but once people just started to post what they wanted others to see for likes, less that too.

Seems to have a really nice UI, and minimalist look and feel to it. I’m hoping it doesn’t just go the route of instagram where it forces reels and rubbish on you. If that happens I’ll be out.

My feed is already full of influencers posting their TikToks and Reels, thirst traps, and people throwing the word Terf around.

Sadly I think this will fast become a Twitter clone.


It’s refreshing that - at the moment - there are no adverts!

It’ll become a clone of Twitter, in the same way Instagram Reels is a clone of TikTok (albeit delayed).



We can’t have anything nice

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Typical us. :sob:

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One of my problems is that I’m not very into either instagram or Facebook… but then, I can’t see many people migrating from instagram to threads. Why would anyone on a photo sharing app, insta, suddenly decide that what they want is to move to a text app? Or maybe Meta make it easy to cross post between the two platforms? But I still have the problem that I follow lots of people on Twitter who aren’t on my fb/insta.

In the meantime, until there is real content, threads is clearly pumping the celeb stuff. I guess these commercial arrangements are also money making.

Become? This is a shameless Twitter clone from the start. The only question is whether it manages to emulate the good bits as well as the bad.


There are times I feel every single day of my 58 and a bit years.


I don’t think it’s a replacement for Instagram, more a new avenue for written text, instead of just being (selective) imagery like Instagram.

I see it more akin to Instagram stories where it’s a steady stream of consciousness/activity.

I didn’t mean the style of the website, but rather the content, which is pretty much becoming Twitter

Hopefully the content issue will get better once you can control what you see. Only seeing people you follow is on the list:


Surely this can’t be too hard to have? Should have been there from the get-go.

Yeah, this was very rushed, it wasn’t supposed to be released until the end of the month they’ve just brought it all forward to take advantage of the Twitter chaos.

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Didn’t pickup there was a new thread on it :upside_down_face:

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I had completely forgotten about the first version of threads! Nice to see it’s totally changed in direction.