Messing around with the API


So I originally created all this using Python, and was bored so rewrote everything using Golang all hosted on a kubernetes cluster backed by MySQL.

monzo-balance-web - simple go http api that iOS Shortcuts can use, I simply start Siri and say ‘Give me my Monzo balance’ it makes the http request and reads aloud my balance - it utilises the access_token from my mysql database - uses a Kubernetes Service + Nginx Controller and k8s Deployment.

monzo-reauther - simple go application that refreshes my access_token (for Bearer auth) using the refresh_token - both picked up from the MySQL database. Running as a Kubernetes CronJob once every 6 hours.

monzo-balance-bot - simple go application that runs as a container inside a pod in my Kubernetes cluster, once started it authenticates with the Telegram API and I can send commands (/balance etc) from my telegram account using the telegram client on my phone to my specific bot to give me a balance and list of transactions.

any questions, shout!

P.S does anyone know if there are any plans to enhance what is currently available? The API doesn’t seem to have received much love for a while now…

  • Michael