Message saying it looks like your using your account for business

I was pretty miffed to get a message out of the blue, saying it looks like your using your account for business, if you continue we could close your account !!!

I no way or form am I using my account for business, i am trying to find out exactly what makes monzo think this, but not had a reply yet.

anyone else had this ?

Multiple individual transactions possibly initiated this.

Do you receive regular transfers from outside of Monzo with references other than usual key words like rent or bills or food?

The only thing I have been doing is selling a lot of my old camera equipment and some old computer stuff on eBay, having a clear out. ! which comes in with a weird payment name - Adyen N.V Ebay

There’s your answer then, they think you’re potentially using as a traders account hence the flag.

As @Carlo1460 said it seems like there may have been multiple incoming transactions from the same company in the same day, hence the flag

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There’s nothing to be worried about then :slight_smile: I’m sure that once you show them they’ll be satisfied.

not in the same day , prob 15 transactions over 2 months. :man_shrugging:

That’s significant.

1 or two a month most likely wouldn’t flinch, but does seem business like to me :sweat_smile:

When you say “I was having a clearout on eBay” then that’s likely to be the end of it.


Monzo will more than likely use HMRC’s ‘badges of trade’ to make a decision whether they think you are using your account for business. These are:

  • Profit-seeking motive
  • The number of transactions
  • The nature of the asset
  • Existence of similar trading transactions or interests
  • Changes to the asset
  • The way sale is made
  • The source of finance
  • Time between purchase and sale
  • Method of acquisition

You are currently triggering a number of these, inadvertently.


Expensive? I can imagine selling a bunch of decent quality old lens may bring in enough coin that it could look like trading.

As long as you’re not using the proceeds to buy more items to sell on, you should hopefully be able to satisfy Monzo.

Though, I think that if you make enough profit from your selling, you may still have to declare your sales and pay capital gains tax, even if you’re not a business.

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Im a little confused where the line is drawn here, I have brought the odd bargain on eBay to have a play with it, then resell a month after, sometimes making a bit of money.

Is this a business? I wouldn’t say so.


I would say you should be okay if its a rare occasion. Not making huge profits ect.

If you are buying and selling frequently then this could be seen as business material which is against the personal account t&C’s.

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I am not making profits here, its old stuff so sold at a loss, most stuff goes for 50 to 75% of its new value.

If businesses were only based on making profit there would be far fewer business than now!!

You’ll be fine if it’s just eBay. Just explain.


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