Merchant logos not being updated?

Evening all :grinning:

Just wondering if there is a backlog of merchant logo suggestions at the moment as I’ve noticed the suggestions I made a few months ago / recently haven’t been updated yet?

Sam :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s a fairly lengthy (2000+) thread over here:

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Yes, we (all) noticed it months ago :confused:

Hopefully, it will improve soon :see_no_evil:

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Still waiting for changes i submitted to be updated…


It’s not important and they don’t care.

It’s an age old problem. Even if a change you make gets accepted. Someone else is likely to come along and mess it up.


But Wikipedia has mods who quickly rollback incorrect changes. It’s generally fairly well managed.


Imagine if Coral Crew (or an alternative team of volunteers) were the Wikipedia editors of Monzo merchant data :thinking:

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Probably should merge this into the 2,000 post dread thread…

Edit: 2,829

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Imagine there’s no merchant logos

It isn’t hard to do


I’m firmly in this camp. Keep the human readable names. That’s both an easier thing to maintain and the most beneficial aspect of the pretty merchant data. But I’d be much happier to see the logos replaced with Some beautifully designed categoric iconography with a consistent design language in place of merchant logos.

That would be the best of both worlds for me.

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I also imagine I have a lot more money in my account than I actually do.

Monzo have shown zero energy at maintaining either thing

On a plus note, I went to three new retailers yesterday, and all three had the correct name and logo :star2:

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