Merchant Data for ACH credits

In the UK merchant data is there for incoming BACS payments.

it would be great if there was the option for this on ACH credits.

Incoming BACS payments have the sort code, account number and account name of the sender. Not a merchant ID as such but based on this it looks like Monzo allow you to suggest a logo in the same way as for outgoing card payments. Do you mean you’d like to use routing numbers and account numbers in the US in a similar way?

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What I mean is if I get a direct deposit from a company like Chase or Discover id like the name a and logo to show. Much like in the UK TfL’s logo shows on delayed journey refunds.

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Suck it and see…:slightly_smiling_face:


Just suggesting that, in the absence of any real evidence, you observe what happens when the transactions occur. Sometimes they just work without any intervention.

I see things exactly as I stated. I would like merchant data. Merchant data does not exist. Nor is there the option to add it for ACH transactions like BACS

I’m sure you do. I’d assumed from your earlier post that you were anticipating those deposits and hadn’t previously received from those institutions.

Well I anticipate more in the future. Id like the future deposits to have data

I’d also like to see the ability to do this. I’ve recently set up Amazon MTurk (website with surveys and other small online tasks for money) to direct deposit what I earn on it to my Monzo card, and it’s showing up as a jumble of numbers and letters that start with AMZN then “MTurk Paym” (which helps explain what it is). A little Amazon logo or a more clear name would be appreciated.

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BACS doesn’t allow for it. The system dates back several decades, hence the 3 day clearing cycle and the very limited data in a transaction record. The UK has a new(ish) organisation which has taken ownership of many of the current payment methods (BACS, Faster Payments, Paym etc.). There is an initiative called the New Payments Architecture which should tackle many of the shortcomings of existing payment methods but this is in its early stages.

I have merchant data on all my BACS transactions already.

BACS allows for sort code, account number and account name of the sender to be passed through.

I was asking for ACH

I misunderstood “Nor is there the option to add it for ACH transactions like BACS”. As you also comment in UK threads too - like the cheque imaging one. Hadn’t realised this was a US thread.

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