Merchant Data Corrections

Name updates still seem much more successful than icon updates, even though the two are meant to be linked, which is also a bit odd, but maybe down to technology rather than workload

Shocker. Won’t change until they ditch their Twitter dependency.

I’ve just gone to check, and to my complete and utter expectation, none have been fixed. Submitted again. Won’t hold my breath.

I’ve pretty much switched to only submitting URLs now, and that is having mixed results

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I’ll give it a go with the URLs, thanks. I think that worked for one a while ago.

I’ve been using Facebook and Instagram ones up until now with zero success.

Would that mean there is no Twitter dependency?

I have submitted using Facebook URL’s in the past as most places here are on Facebook over Twitter, I cant recall if it worked as I didnt go back and check but I do know icons have changed here, I just dont know 100% if my submission did it.

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Certainly the new process indicates a preference for URLs, but we have had no public explanation of the machinations behind the scenes, so what difference it makes is unclear to me

It is certainly the case that I find it easier to find a URL for a merchant than a Twitter account, or even an Instagram account

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By this I meant I provided a name and a URL for two merchants and the names were corrected/added, but there were no icons still. Updates around the same time, which could be indicative. Given that the processes are supposedly tied together I remain puzzled

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At least if URL’s are supported there is a chance it may use facebook links. So many here dont have even a site url and their email address is @ hotmail{.}com :rofl:

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Nothing more legit than a business with a Hotmail address haha

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Perhaps a case of they just can’t find an appropriate logo to pull?

In my case it’s not like I’m trying to submit logos for the local dog bakery or other independent local shops. I don’t bother with those because I don’t anticipate they’d get updated (volume too small). But rather they are big national brands.

There are still vans with @ btinternet{.}com on them but thankfully the older vans with freeserve have been scrapped or repainted.

I will have a trawl through my recent transactions and do a few tests. I note most banks are awful for icons and no fintech is great.

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This was one of them, so you be the judge :man_shrugging:

Well if they try to just pull the logo image from that page, this is what they get!


It’s not really ideal. But then it’s not as though the Monzo app is absent of logos like that cropped off into a square to fit so… :person_shrugging:

Their social links don’t go anywhere, so if Monzo are trying to get it from one of those, they’ll have no luck.

I do sometimes wonder why Monzo don’t just go for the favicon. Everyone has one of those (except the business you just linked apparently) and the icons in the app are small enough to the point it won’t matter. And many use larger touch icons nowadays for mobile browser bookmarks and adding to the Home Screen.

I don’t know what the process is really on their side once we submit. I presume a human goes out and fetches the enrichment data to add manually. If so it’s probably we just need our requests to go to the right person who will make the extra effort.

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It’s that the name gets updated and the icon doesn’t that puzzles me, when squashing the two processes together is the nub of the new approach

Is the technology not working in some cases, or is it left open for the second part to be skipped past by the actioner?

I had a case where the name was not updated, but an icon (not totally wrong) different to other branches was added. I also had another case where my submission was actioned (I noticed in real time), but the name was not changed and the existing correct icon was removed :man_shrugging:

Of course I know not as there is no feedback offered as to what was made of my submission (ignored/timed out, accepted, rejected, partially accepted et al)

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I think this a large part of the problem in their design and is a bit of miss. Because this is something you can automate entirely.

When I submit corrections to Apple Maps for instance, when something is actioned from my submission, I get a push notification telling me. It’s very useful. Not just for me, but I imagine for Apple too.


This would be next level from Monzo. This feature is superb. I went to B’ham for work a few months back and was frustrated to see at least two of the Neros didn’t exist anymore. A quick snap (it asks for images) and submit; an hour later I get a notification saying they’ve removed them.

This would be epic from Monzo.


It would be great if someone at Monzo could do something about this one.

First Group use the same account for their delay repay payments across Avanti West Coast, Great Western Railway and South Western Railway.

Every few days these transactions will do a dance switching merchant names. It’s displaying ‘First Customer Con’ now, but was displaying GWR when it got paid yesterday and SWR this morning.

I haven’t submitted any corrections on this, but I’d imagine setting it to First Group and locking it would be the best thing to do.

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You need to feed it back to what you think it should be, and keep doing so until it’s resolved.

US account here, I don’t get asked this when I report a merchant under the new flow (just tried it 5 minutes ago). Is there an estimate for when US users will have it, or?

Also Transpenine Express. I got a delay repay from them as this. @tjvr could this be corrected to First Group and then locked so nobody can submit amendments?

You miss the point. People do keep correcting it, but correcting it with different things because First are using the same payment details for different purposes. I have had this before with a couple of places that are now fixed and locked from user submitted changes