Mental Health Awareness Week at Monzo!

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and all week on the blog and in the community we’ll be thinking about mental health, money, and what Monzo can do to help.


Amazing, well done all for making this a conversation :clap:

It’s not exactly mental health in the definition you are discussing here but mental disease should be considered too as it can also cause the issues you mention early on. My dad had undiagnosed alzheimer’s diesease and got into tens of thousands of pounds of debt that my mum had a very hard journey back from while dealing with her husband having the disease.

More care or precautions in place from his bank would have helped my family a lot.


Gonna come along to the event on Thursday… Been wanting to attend one of them for a while :+1:

I’ve personally dealt with mental health difficulties so it’s an area very close to my heart :slightly_smiling_face: