Updates on 'designing Monzo with mental health issues in mind'?


I just came across this blog post and I wondered if Monzo might be able to provide an update please?


Hi @Terra_cotta! There’s lots going on in this area that we’re excited about.

As far the idea of ‘positive friction’ goes, we haven’t built the ‘late-night purchase block’ example that @zancler wrote about in the post, but the idea of positive friction is essential to another feature we did build, which is the gambling block (you can read @natalieledward on that here and here). We’ve had some great feedback so far about the usefulness of the gambling block, and the Vulnerable Customers team (with help from @SamanthaD in user research) is working to make it even better.

We’re also thinking a lot about what Zander describes as ‘pre-emptive action’ – opportunities to help customers before they get into financial trouble. This week we launched our self-disclosure tool, where people can volunteer to share information they want us to have about things that will impact the way they interact with us or the way they manage their money (such as accessibility needs, mental health issues, or difficult life events). You can read @StuartM on the thinking and research behind that tool here, and Natalie on how the tool works here.

In fact, we’re actually hosting an event next month at our London office specifically on the subject of how best we can identify and support customers who need extra help. You can read more about it and register here!


It’s a fascinating area - for myself as l have given a glimpse into my own experience in this area within forums. I’ve also spent a lot of time in my professional life trying to get ahead of issues such as rent arrears, property abandonment and additional support for vulnerable tenants.

There’s a strong ethical issue here… data, ml, ai offers real opportunity… We ‘could’ do something, but ‘should’ we prehaps…

Pity the event is already sold out!

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Hi @dinkyinki! The tickets for general admission as well as the workshops have sold out currently, but there are still tickets for general admission to the talks (and we’ll release more of these closer to the date as well) :relaxed:

Noticed that now, have booked the general event - hope one of the workshops comes available, as there’s a couple of the workshops that look interesting…

Hi @yen, thanks for the update, it’s great to see stuff is still happening :slightly_smiling_face:

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