Menorca 16-18 Monzo card

I’ve read the travelling in Spain but I am specifically asking about Menorca. My daughter (age 16) has applied for a 16-18 monzo account, and is planning to use it on holiday instead of taking euros. Any foreseeable problems I should be aware of? She’s going with her Nan, so I’m sure Nan will bail her out if needed :grin:


Hey Sarah! :grinning:

I’m not aware of any issues in Menorca. Hope your daughter has a good trip! :sun_with_face:


Thank you, her nan thinks she should take spending money. I’ve read about the card machine paying in gbp, and having to input Euros. Also of some shops hiding the card machine so you dont have the option to pay in Euros. Should I make my daughter aware of this? I just assumed it would be like here, tap and go!

Yes - also the fact that many ATMs charge withdrawal fees…

might be worth her reading this excellent post -


Always best informing her! Personally when I’ve been using any cards abroad I always use ATM’s in popular places and avoid actually paying merchants directly, means you have more control over the choice of paying in Euro or GBP. Had a few merchants in the past selecting for me without asking!