Matching same retailer with different names

I’ve noticed I buy from different branches of the same retailer but these show up as different retailers when it comes to total spend, average spend, etc. Not the end of the world but it would be quite nice to try and match up branches of the same retailer who are spelt slightly differently (from wherever you’re pulling that source from):

Have you used the something wrong button within the app? That will help them solve this.

Side note: I love a Birley’s sandwich. The one in Paternoster square is my favourite.

Didn’t know there was a button. Will try later when I’m not in a building that’s essentially a faraday cage and I can get a signal or onto wifi. And yes. Nom nom BIrley. Thanks for the tip.

Throw a report on the less correct one and it can be merged in to the other entry. Names are pulled from a handfull of sources but it’s generally up to the community to submit those final corrections and icons in cases where the data isn’t there or something slips up.

On the Android app so not sure if it has the ability to report etc from inside the app. There’s a help and feedback option. Report via that?

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It looks like Android, no reporting from what I can see.

Ah, I guess it’s up to me to make a trip to the various Birley’s around. Such a chore.


I’m sure you’ll cope Chris :wink:

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I might, my wallet and waistline might not.

@tom Any chance you can fund me visiting various eateries around the UK to ensure they all exist in the system correctly? It’s a tough job but I’m willing to put in the time and effort, starting with somewhere like Dinner…


I’ll create a JustGiving page, we can all chip in. Or if you put your mobile number on here we can chip in that way :joy:

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I’d love it to happen.

Presumably those reporting, icon updating, community correction, etc features are in the iOS version and will eventually make it to Android?

they will, just the android version is very early doors compared to the iOS version. It only recently received transaction information.

Yep, that’s cool. Can live with it for now certainly. Cheers for the update.

I’ve got a few years experience in this field - it was a substantial project when I worked at Visa - the primary source of the merchant name is the POS (Point of Sale) terminal. Unfortunately, it’s up to the merchant to configure or specify the name configuration when the POS is installed - and it’s a “free form” text field. We discovered for example that Sainsbury’s appeared over 144 different ways … “J Sainsbury”, “Sainsbury”, “Sainsbury Supermarket”, “Sains 3579” etc etc etc. Almost ALL of the major retailers that comprised 80% of POS transactions in the UK had multiple different ways of reflecting their name - which made for an interesting Big Data project on Merchant Name disambiguation. We tried to float the idea of standardised names or a structured data field but that requires industry agreement … hard to get when it’s not a problem from the merchant point of view. So in the end we compiled a synonym database which was used for reporting purposes - which is along the lines of what I assume Mondo would need to do over time.

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