Mastercard lose battle over card charges


Mastercard and Visa lose battle with supermarkets over debit and credit card charges

(Liam W) #2

I could be wrong about this, but don’t debit cards currently have a fixed fee, as opposed to a percentage, and this is why cashback exists?

If debit cards moved to a percentage fee, could cashback become a thing of the past (although it is ‘rare’ now)?


(Jack) #3

I’m surprised more places don’t offer cashback. I suppose they don’t really get anything out of offering it besides maybe a few extra users. Most people just go to an ATM

(Excited about Christmas) #4

Interestingly, I just got caught without cash in a village pub. The landlady drove me to the next village for cash, but the ATM wanted £1.99. I went inside the shop to ask about cashback, and the lady said she could do it through the Post Office till. I put my Monzo card in the terminal, and it wasnt accepted. My first Monzo failure ever, so I had to go outside and pay the £1.99 :sob: As if cash-only pubs aren’t bad enough, on the same night I find a PO that doesn’t take Monzo!

(Jack) #5

Your challenge for the remainder of this year is to get that pub accepting card :sweat_smile:

(Excited about Christmas) #6

Ha ha - could be my first and last visit. An unusual business trip…had to find my way home by torch with 7% battery… Good pub though - landlord looked like a ginger Rag and Bone Man, and turned out to be a massive fan, beers were £3 a pint, and half the clientele ended up joining the band!

(Andre Borie) #7

Good. Card acceptance charges should be a thing of the past to be honest.


No Post Office Counters Limited terminal will provide cashback because Monzo do not pay the Post Office for a contract to supply banking services to their customers.

In Post Offices in convenience stores they may have a non-Post Office terminal for accepting card payments for chocolate, cards, tobacco, newspapers etc, and those may be able to provide cashback if you insert card and enter pin but not if you attempt contactless. You will need to get the cashier to enter the cashback amount prior to entering your card as once the card is entered they can not amend the transaction amount to add on cashback.

(Liam W) #9

In one small post office near my mum’s house, the person at the counter charged me for several stamps and just gave the cash. Very nice of her :slight_smile:


(Excited about Christmas) #10

Hmmm…she seemed to be expecting it to work. She had entered the amount, but it just didn’t like the card…


They are poorly trained in many post offices. I tried in one post office 4 different cards and none of them worked… but then another staff member pointed out that only a few banks can use the service (I think they said about a dozen out of the hundreds of banks, building societies and credit unions) so most cards people try fail. Even if you do have a card at a 'big bank’s with some of them only some cards work and not others as they may only provide the service for certain account types e.g. full current account but not basic bank account or only current accounts but not savings accounts, despite the card looking the same.

(Excited about Christmas) #12

The moral of the story is…never leave London without cash!


Yep. When I owned some properties in London I was living cashless just using a card. Now I am an hour or two outside London it is impossible to get by without cash for hairdressers etc.

(Jorge) #14

Can you be fully cashless in London?


In London I found shops for every service I needed that would take card, where one shop would not take card a competitor providing the same service would. So I used no cash for about 7 years. Outside London in some places if a shop won’t take cards there is no alternative you can use.

(Phil) #16

I live in Manchester and get by without cash without any issue. Most of the time I just use Google pay so don’t even carry my Monzo card with me. Chippy in town takes contactless too now. Only time I need cash is for a haircut.


Not surprising in Manchester as that is a massive city like London or Birmingham.

Card acceptance in these mega cities is good, it is the smaller towns and villages outside these places where card acceptance is poor or patchy.

Our chippy used to take cards but has not stopped taking cards. The hairdresser, taxi, and community bus all do not take cards.


SE London/Kent border here; I’ve been cashless for about a year now.

(Caspar Aremi) #19

Yes, absolutely. I never carry cash. Occasionally I’ll get some out if it’s for a door fee for a bar or club but that’s it. It’s hard to find a shop or cafe/restaurant that doesn’t take card.

(Andy) #20

The only time I use cash in Glasgow is to pay the window cleaner apart from that I couldn’t tell you the last time I paid for something in cash.