Mastercard Currency Exchange Rates

As Monzo members, we get the benefit of using the Mastercard currency exchange rate without any additional fees… However - the page that lists the rates on Mastercard’s site at is currently non-functional (jQuery not being loaded in).

Is there any other way of finding out what the exchange rates are? Plain text, CSV, in app(??), a working converter, URL etc all welcome!

FWIW, the converter works in every browser I try.

Hmm, just tried it in Chrome 66, Chromium 69, Safari 11.1, Brave 0.20.42, Firefox 60 (with the latter tried in safe mode ‘just in case’) on my Mac and identical results on them all: the header, intro text, footer - but no actual conversion tool… Console errors show ‘jQuery not defined.’ :frowning:

Doesn’t work on my phone either (Chrome on Android), but DID work on Chrome 67 on my Windows machine which is currently VPNed to the Czech Republic…

Now is it a IPv6 issue (my phone+Mac are IPv6 enabled, but my VPNd Windows machine isn’t on the VPN), OS issue or network issue… Hmm…

It was working for me earlier on various browsers but now the calculator is not appearing. I am also seeing just headers and footers, the text, but not the calculator.

Thanks - so it’s not just me! Phew - just about to start diagnostics on my end.

It’ll be nice if Monzo had their own copy of the list just for this sort of case (and to make it easier to enter the currency list: Mastercard uses fancy UX elements by the full country name - so no typing ‘USD’ and if you try typing ‘United States’ you’ll end up with Saudi Arabia or similar as it only counts the last character entry!).

BTW, current USD rate is $1=£0.74 and $39 via Monzo would be £29.16, Revolut £29.10 and TransferWise £30.03.

A proper search with a Lowenstein differential algorithm or similar would be better. It could then not just search on the first few correctly typed letters of a correctly typed word but also handle phonetically similar misspellings and keyboard typos.

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