(Mastercard) Currency Exchange Rates


What is the current Mastercard Euro v GBP exchange rate ?
Where can I find it on a Daily Basis

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Monzo gives you the MasterCard wholesale conversion rate which you can find here.


Brilliant Alexs…how does it compare to,say ,Revolut rates?

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I’m not a Revolut user I’m afraid but there’s been some feedback on that in this topic, from this post onwards -


Thanks again alexs.Looks like Monzo has the edge ,all things considered


As the Monzo card is in Beta form I do wonder what will happen charges wise when it properly ’ Open "

(Tommy Long) #7

There won’t be any charges even when it leaves Beta. Tom (the founder) has stated that the currency rate is one of his favourite Monzo features.


Excellent news ,thanks Tommy

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As @alexs mentioned, the MasterCard website enables you to check the foreign exchange rate for a specific transaction date. It’s worth noting that when the transaction “settles” a few days later, the rate may have changed ever so slightly. We also currently absorb the MasterCard Currency Conversion Assessment Fee, so there are no fees for our customers :tada:.


Many Thanks Priyesh.
I note you say that , currently Monzo absorb Mastercards Conversion fee. Do you intend to charge customers at a later date ?
Best Regards
David Webb

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@webbski9 Hey David, we’ve no plans to charge customers this conversion fee in future :slightly_smiling_face:

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Excellent news indeed … I love Monzo

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Question please.
I believe the MasterCard Fx rates go to at least 4 decimal places but the transaction on the app only seem to show 2 (at least for EUR). Does Monzo give customers the full exchange rate or only the rate to 2 decimal places.
Doesn’t make a huge difference on a single transaction but if I look at my total EUR spend whilst on holiday the effect is more noticeable. For example EUR 1200 at 1.09 is £1100.92 but at 1.0944 is £1096.49. Multiply that by the number of Monzo users and that’s quite a lot of money!
By the way I still love Monzo!


Hi Naji,
How does this go along the poll about the fees abroad? Does it still applies?