It would be great if I could choose Google Maps rather than Apple Maps in location views.

What do people think? Is there a preference here?


Personally I don’t mind - it’s always been accurate for me so don’t see a need to change. Why would you prefer Google Maps?

At the level of detail we’re looking at in the UK, it really shouldn’t make too much of a difference. I personally prefer the look and speed of Apple’s maps though.


Interesting feedback – I’m inclined to agree that Apple’s maps are well-suited to giving context, since we’re not going super-detailed.

It also loads faster (because it’s part of the platform) and keeps the app download smaller (because we don’t need to bundle the Google Maps API).

On the other hand, I generally use the Google Maps app when navigating, so perhaps that familiarity is useful for users in identifying where they were?

Would love to hear everyone’s feedback!


I prefer the look and speed of Apple Maps, it’s generally accurate and every time I have found an error Apple have fixed it within a week of reporting it.


Google maps all the way. Especially with all the data that comes with it these days, such as seeing the opening hours, how busy the retailer usually is etc.

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I have Here Maps (Here WeGo) installed on all my Android devices (Formerly Ovi Maps) and don’t want to install Google Maps

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Maybe Apple Maps for the iOS app but Google Maps for the Android app as Apple Maps certainly not on my Android

This is exactly what happens. The two apps call their system’s built in map view.

To clear up some confusion, this thread is discussing the map view in the app. These currently use the system map view APIs (MapKit on iOS, the Google Maps part of Google Play Services on Android) to display the merchant’s location on a general map.

What it is not being used for here (fairly sure the merchant data corrections on iOS use Google’s places data along with other sources) is any business data or navigation so many of the arguments now being presented here don’t actually matter for this specific use.

My argument against using Google’s mapping data on iOS is that the Google Maps SDK for iOS is a huge SDK to bolt on to the Monzo app for that view when Apple’s MapKit APIs also benefit from, among other things, cross-app vector tile caching and GPU accelerated rendering.

While Apple mapping data isn’t available to Android applications, similar arguments can be made for using Google’s maps on Android. It’s just using the native APIs for each platform and letting the system handle it.


Personally very happy to see Google Maps replacing Apple Maps in latest TestFlight :+1:

For no other reason than preference…

I wonder if it would be possible to allow me to login to my Google Account in Monzo so I can see saved places etc?


As for me, bring back Apple Maps. The Google logo is big and ugly. I’d much prefer Apple Maps.


Yeah there’s no particular reason I prefer Google. From what I gather - this is a permanent change.

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It’s growing on me :joy: But I’m so used to Apple Maps now. As soon as they were I thing I deleted Google Maps so I guess it’s just what I’m used to.

Ah well.

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I dont mind either, but the Google logo is a little ugly. I diddn’t see anything wrong with the Apple Maps being on iOS and Google Maps on Android but I’m sure there was a reason for the change :slight_smile:


I know it has to be there because of copyright etc. but I must say I don’t like how large and colourful the google logo is on the map… its the first thing I noticed as soon as I opened a transaction on the new beta… its kinda distracting… Is there no way of making the logo smaller or making it solid white or grey like this:

rather than it sticking out like a bit of a sore thumb as it does now? (As in, is there a way that google allows you to change this when you embed a map using their API?)

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If certainly agree with that. It’s a little over the top.

I was really disappointed with the switch to Google Maps in the new release. I don’t like or trust Google - so I especially don’t want them receiving my banking data locally on my phone where they can track me between different apps in order to identify me.

I prefer the visual style and speed of Apple Maps. Almost all my apps use Apple Maps, so it’d be nice if Monzo conformed.

It was mentioned in the Slack that this was to comply with the Google Places API requirements, but Apple Maps offers very similar APIs locally on the phone so it would be nice if this could be used instead?


+1 don’t like the change to Google Maps. The Google logo looks kind of out of place. Preferred the look of apple maps. I could understand if apple maps was still terrible but it has improved greatly over the last couple of years.


I couldn’t stand the Apple maps on my iPhone and prefer the Google Maps and a big plus is that it is consistent with my Android phone

We have a complete redesign for the transaction screen that will be coming with current accounts. I think it makes the Google map more visually appealing (+ the logo is a bit more inconspicuous). I hope this will help ease some of the concern with the switch :slight_smile: