Managing your finances whilst single? We want to speak to you

Single Pringle here so happy to help if I can

Off topic here (but so is the dating - although made me giggle) - but we’re both full Monzo personal / flex / joint / joint business. It’s great :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone! Thanks for the responses (the ridiculous ones too :upside_down_face:)

This is a bit of marketing and research combined @Peter_G :thinking:

Thanks for the input @JIMMWX - if you’d be interested in discussing your experience when flying solo with Monzo I can pass your details on?

Everyone else - I’ll send a DM about next steps :pray:


Happy to support @AlanDoe

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Single as can be, happy to have a chat.


Single and ready to help!

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Happy to be included in this if you need more volunteers

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If you need a single with kids person then add me to the list


probably have more than ennough singles now but if not i might be inteerested

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Single guy, living alone… :skull_and_crossbones:

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Thanks so much everyone!

If you volunteered, you should receive an email today from our team :pray:


Not sure if other people got all the way through the process on this… but thought I’d share this.

Feel free to ask any questions about it if you want. I’ll try to be as open and candid as I can :eyes:


obviously had ennough people as i never heard a thing lol

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This was not how I expected you to look:


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