Using my Monzo in France & Spain

IMG_0530I have just returned from France & Spain. We drove 1600 miles round trip, Used my Monzo card at Garages, Hotels, Shops & all Tolls on French Tolls in France (it wouldn’t work on Spanish Tolls). Loved how I knew what amount had been taken by the notification on my phone. It felt so safe. First time I’ve used it abroad. Am so pleased with it. I am going to use it more and more in U.K. to support Monzo. Knew exactly how much I was spending as I was spending it as I didn’t have to wait for my credit card statement or have to log on to my credit card account to check.


Hi, Maureen! :wave:

Absolutely fantastic review for Monzo. I’m so happy you decided to share this feedback on the forum - if anyone ever says again that Monzo only appeals to 25-30ish-year-old males… I know who can prove them wrong. :wink:


Hey Maureen. Welcome to the community! That’s great to hear you had such a good experience.

Sounds like you had a great holiday Maureen and Monzo added a little something to the trip! Welcome to the forum.

That’s amazing to hear this, I hope you had a great holiday! I used my Monzo card everywhere in Europe during my trip and like you I can’t explain the amount of reassurance I got from just having a card I could use/ get additional cash out for. Love it

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Im 60 and near death and using the card and loving it :slight_smile:


Pleased to read such a positive and happy review!

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I have now managed to persuade my husband (who’s 67) to get a Smart Phone (it wasn’t easy I can assure you) to enable him to have a Monzo Card which is ordered and on its way. My daughter (23) also has Monzo. I do genuinely love Monzo.