#MakeMoneyEqual campaign


Women must surely be hugely under-represented within Monzo’s forum.

It would be all the richer if we could broaden the conversations to include the female perspective.

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Oof that press release for Starling article is getting a mauling below the line.


You git, now I’ve started reading the damn comments!!

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Then you’ll be contributing comments, then some comments will be removed, then the police will be knocking on your door. :scream::scream:


Calm down mate. I’m not that weird.


For those that want it here is a link to the woman and the organization behind this campaign. Anna Bowes of Savings Champion


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Sorry. Judging others by my own standards is always dangerous. :grinning:

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At least the article isn’t on the Daily Mail- the comment section is… we don’t speak of it.

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Starling said -

To see if we were onto something, we commissioned a linguistics study from semiotics and cultural value agency The Answer, which assessed 300 articles from a mix of outlets aimed at men and women.

so out of interest, where did you find that link?


Anna Bowes is well known for her money saving info, so when I saw her Savings Champion organization mentioned in the Guardian article I found a link thru Bing.

PS thanks for the link to The Answer, that was founded by Nick Gadsby well known from Lawes Gadsby Semiotics.

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I see, the story only quotes her though, it doesn’t say that she’s -

it looks like that was Starling & The Answer.


I may have misread it then. But the data definately sourced by The Answer.


@AlexS I stand corrected on that point. Here is a link to the campaign and it not just funded by Starling (as I thought) but looks like it organised by them too. https://www.starlingbank.com/campaign/makemoneyequal/

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It’s all very true. If you look at money saving tips or any female dominated forum or newspaper it’s always about making food stretch, discount voucher sites, cash back on your shopping etc. It’s never sound financial management, new financial products etc. Starting from a point of knowing nothing it can be a bit daunting so they don’t even try as where to begin? It’s even worse for some of my married friends, they leave all the financial decisions to their husbands or stick to the one’s their families have always used eg banks and electric suppliers.
Solution? Information without being patronising which seems surprisingly difficult. Normally that means making a leaflet with pink on it and some high heels somewhere


Completely agree, it is always savings tips (because all women do is save rather than invest etc) for busy mums (because women can only think of money in terms of a wider context of ‘womens’ roles).

Don’t even get me started on the term ‘busy mums’…

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Don’t worry, we have weeks of ‘days out for under a fiver for busy mums on a budget’ coming up, I’m sure that’ll thrill you :laughing:


Lord give me strength!