An update on the Women in Finance Charter

We’re working to improve the gender balance in our senior team – here’s how we’re doing so far.


I don’t understand why this is even an issue. Surely you just recruit for a position people apply for that position and you then give the role to the person that is best suited for the job, thats it I’ve solved it for you. Gender, race, age should never come into it, simply hire the person thats best suited for the role. If that leads to a disparity then so be it. I feel like this is a non issue that you’re wasting time on.


Great to see Monzo continue to address these issues :sparkling_heart:


I don’t understand. Monzo aren’t in the gardening business, what does ‘making green’ mean?


Money, dollar bills, greenbacks…

Since you seem to have missed all the discussions and explanation over the past few years, in a range of media and outlets, about the inherent structural and cultural biases that discriminate against or discourage women from participating in certain industries, here’s a website that will allow you to explore this topic in full:

Once you’ve done a bit of research, feel free to participate in an informed discussion!


Is the implication that Monzo should be hiring solely based on who can expand into the US fastest? Or attract the most US investors?


Hi all, it should go without saying that diversity and inclusion are really important to us here at Monzo. And this isn’t the place to debate its pros and cons - there are plenty of other places online for that discussion.

Here’s a good statement of where we stand:

We’re happy to keep this thread open to discuss the approach we’re taking to tackling this at Monzo, particularly in response to our Women in Finance charter commitments. But we won’t welcome any kind of discussion around whether this is worth purusing in the first place.

As a reminder, our Code of Conduct states that on the Monzo community you agree to uphold inlcusivity:

We want everyone to feel included in our community. In particular, nobody should ever feel excluded on the basis of their:

  • Gender, gender identity, or gender expression
  • Sexual orientation

We’ll close the thread if it veers off-topic or becomes non-constructive.



I can’t speak for @Recchan but I suspect it was simply a reference to money, not specifically the US kind.


This is excellent news. Initiatives like this will only strengthen the values I’m trying to give my two boys and daughter.


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Transwomen are still women. That’s not really a debate for here though


This thread probably isn’t the place to get into the wider debate about trans- and womens-rights.


I’m outta here.

It’s pretty clear from the blog post that they’re asking people to self-identify :+1:


Thank you for this update and promise to continue striving for more representation. I love reading Monzo’s blogs about issues like this and then I come onto the forum to read the related thread… and realise why I don’t look forward to them as much anymore, since it will inevitably need to be shut down.


Nothing anyone has said here should lead to anything being shut down. All the posts so far have been overall happiness for improving accessibility to the work place along with some concerns about how it’s being done.

There’s nothing wrong with voicing concerns, there definitely are some when a company is explicitly wanting to discriminate when hireing people.

Overall it’s good to see that it is an area that they are paying attention to. The concern to me is Monzos discrimination in hiring and the lack of effort to show people and encourage people to look at positions they might not have before (unless I’m missing that? They seem to be targeting their effort to close to home)

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I always think the best person suitable for the position should get the job and it should’t be just be down to a tick box exercise.


Yes, but you also need to recognise the structural inequalities in society which means that people who aren’t white and male are often under-represented.

Of course you shouldn’t say “we need a woman to balance the board so we’ll bin all applications from men”. But you should for example, consider how accessible the application process is for under represented groups, and how accessible the work place and company is for under represented groups.


Hi Brad! Thanks for your comment.

We only ever hire people who are the best person to do the job. However, if we can make our jobs desirable to all kinds of different people it means we have a wider pool to select from and then can truly choose the best talent.

It’s important to think about how the choices we make as a business might exclude people or stop them from progressing so that we can create an environment where the best people can achieve their best work.

As we’re a bank trying to - in time - serve the world, it’s important to have different points of view and life experience in the room as we make decisions so we can make sure we build a product that is useful for all.