Make the cards metal!

Lol is this a marketing dude from a competitor that infiltrated? :sweat_smile: :rofl:

I feel Metal cards (just like Fyre and its founder) are just a big marketing hype with not added value for the user.

On top of a first-time only wow-effect of just those people that will actually get to touch/feel your card (which I don’t think will be many), how is it even contributing to the user experience?

Hot coral already makes us stand out of the crowd :hot_coral_heart: whereas metal brings us back into the sea of Amex/Revoluts/N26s/Fyres

Monzo peeps are just too deep to get into a battle of status. I think we should care more about the substance rather than the form, especially because we’ve already nailed the form since day 0 with the hot coral card :hot_pepper::hot_coral_heart:



All of my cards have done this, not just my Monzo card

But I want a metallic metal card I can whip out in social situations bro, this will impress my plastic friends.


that’s the whole point bruh, I’d rather use your awesome community nickname in social situations rather than a polluting metal card :kissing:

Jokes apart, what’s more polluting to produce: a plastic card or a metal card?

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As long as they’re made of recyclable stainless steel I’m all game.

Just make sure I pay £20pcm for the privilege

Yes jokes aside, I feel like the craze for metal will soon fade.

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