Make bank account transfers act like topups

So here’s what a top-up looked like with the prepaid card (and how I assume it still does with Stripe payments at least):


All top-ups are of their own category, and they’re clearly distinguishable in the feed with the plus-on-green icon.

With the current account, the expected route is to top up via bank transfer, which gives you the following:


It defaults to the general category, which isn’t great (though none of the other options fit either). It’s labelled as a top-up by default as long as I set that as the reference, but otherwise looks like an external payment as much as any other (because as far as Monzo is concerned, that’s exactly what it is). We also don’t have the average top-up amount, not that I really paid much attention to it.

At a minimum, it would be nice to have a user-settable top-up category and have it remembered for future transfers from the same account – that would bring back distinguishing feed items, and give an accurate total top-up figure across all methods. One could then also have e.g. their salary shown as a top-up too if they wish.

It would be good that when this is fixed:

The ‘top-up’ or transfer in from own account, category is not one that effects spending numbers at all.