Loyalty programme balances

(Keir Williams) #1

You could have your Tesco Clubcard, Nectar card or Boots Advantage’s balance appear in Mondo transaction details. Similar to how Stocard has this feature.

(Charlie) #2

Also discussed here and (loosely) here.

(Keir Williams) #3

Not the same topic/concept, they are asking for something different in regards to loyalty programmes.

(Charlie) #4

Sure, I just wanted to link you to some of the other (similar) discussions to see how all of these ideas fit together.

I think it would be really cool if a combination of these approaches could be implemented, I’m just not sure if it’s feasible!

(Johnny Ellwood) #5

I’ve kind of been doing this but just by taking pictures of the receipts on the purchases, which will contain the points balance. It also serves as a nice way to digitally store receipts in case of disputes.