Loyalty Card Suggestions

So I’ve had a look around and couldn’t see this anywhere.

So there has been much talk of using monzo to somehow automatically collect loyalty points and stamps but for some things this isn’t practical because the technology doesn’t exist. Where that isn’t possible how about this idea.

How about if you visit some kind of place frequently suggesting that you obtain a loyalty card or informing you of one if monzo knows about it?

Getting the data: So the big chains generally display it on the website but for smaller outlets perhaps the data would be crowdsourced.

Not being annoying: It could just pop up once after a transaction if youve used it a lot saying something like “you’ve shopped here N times in the last month, do you have a INSERT_LOYALTY_CARD_NAME” and you could choose to say yes in which case you’d never see it again, no I don’t want one or not now. You should always be able to just turn the feature off completely (it’s not for everyone).

Digital Cards: Another option would be link through to digital cards or the app for the retailer.

It was mainly my thought that sometimes I discover that I could have been getting a loyalty bonus all along and its a bit annoying, wouldn’t it be great to find that out earlier.

If you didn’t already find it, the discussion around this is mainly held in Flux: The End of Paper Receipts & Loyalty Cards

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