Loyalty Card Linking

My other bank account offers a service called Loyalty Plus which lets me link my store reward/loyalty cards to my debit card so that when I spend, it automatically gathers points without having to present my separate store reward/loyalty card. It would be a nice to have for my Monzo account


Are you using iOS or Android? They should be both in the Wallet app - Automatic would be nice, but it doesn’t take long just to bring up your loyalty card before paying

Lloyds by any chance?

They only had 3 options when I last checked. Tesco club card would have been a dream if this could be linked somewhere automatically.



Asked many times, you can add your vote to one of these

Barclays also do it. Same three retailers as Lloyds, plus the Wasabi Club.

Iceland is the only one I’ve heard of, and I don’t shop there.

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Don’t worry, you don’t need to link your loyalty cards, Tesco and all the others will happily profile you using your debit card number.

Not if you use Apple Pay :wink:

Though I’d wager they either already have or are trying to engineer a way around that. It’s probably part of the reason they were reluctant to get fully on board with it.