Love my prepay card, why are Monzo stopping it?

Am I the only person that loves the prepay card? that’s what drawn me to monzo in the first place. Completely gutted monzo are dropping it… Why? I got the card because I love the idea of using the app to allocate funds for an evening out, a weekend away or whatever. Being forced to be quite granular about my finances has been a godsend for me and saved me from my bad spending habits. I also love how monzo was disconnected from the whole toxic banking system. Now things have changed I really don’t see how monzo will be any different from any old bank. They have pretty advanced apps now too, and many have caught up in terms of user experience. It really bugs me that I’m now looking for another provider that does just what monzo have always done before they decided to become a full on bank.

Not viable

Was never the end game

The app and card work in the same way as the prepaid card though, just with more features?

Why would you not want to upgrade / what is available on the prepaid card that’s not on the current account?

It might be worth giving this a read to see if it changes your mind?


Nothing has changed other than it being a proper bank account, with the option of having direct debits etc. You can continue to use it in the same way as you have.


I’ve upgraded from Mondo Prepay to Monzo current account.

I use it in exactly the same way. As a prepaid card. Top it up and use it for incidental expenses. Use for people to pay me.

It’s not properly ready to be a current account so Cary on using it like you used the prepay.


That’s exactly my attitude. If the OP isn’t too bothered about the in app features of Monzo, the Transferwise Borderless card can be used as a prepaid debit card.


Nothing has changed. At all. You can use it just as you do now.

I don’t understand how this isn’t clear.


I swear I read somewhere before they were dropping the ability to quickly top-up from another card through the app. That’s the main utility for me, I’ll continue using it as a secondary spending card. Please keep this feature Monzo!

You can yourself the money which will allow you to Topup via debit card or Apple Pay.

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Or you can “Add Money” under the Account tab - it’s cheaper for Monzo if you use a bank transfer

No plans to drop in app top ups from what i’ve seen?


They did disappear for a while, but they have returned.


Hi Barry,

You might have read that the top-up feature wasn’t initially available in the early days of the current account preview, as it was still being worked on, but it’s all up and running now :slight_smile:

Please do read over the various blog posts on the Monzo website; the main message is that you can use the upgraded account in exactly the same way as the prepaid card.

This also allows Monzo to use their own in-house payment processor, instead of paying for an expensive third-party one :slight_smile:


There was a brief period, shortly after the CA launch, that card top-ups weren’t possible but even then you could still do a faster payments transfer. Card top-ups you know them have been back in place with the CA for a couple of months now.

As well as the additional features that you’ll gain, such as Pots, the underlying payment system is so much more reliable with the CA as Monzo have developed their own rather than relying on Stripe. I’ve not experienced any issues since upgrading whereas before I seemed to be getting unexpected declines every week because of Stripe going down.


I clearly didn’t scroll down far enough to read your reply.

My post can simply be summarised as "what he said :point_up_2: " :laughing:


I think you meant GPS? Stripe is used to process card top ups and on both prepaid and current accounts


I stand corrected

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