London Marathoners tomorrow

To all those running tomorrow Good Luck, I was supposed to be running it but ended up deferring.

What ever your goal, enjoy it and embrace the millions of spectators, its a great day


My boyfriend is off to spectate some of his running club tomorrow. I’ll probably just be going to sleep :see_no_evil:


Me :heart:

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Good luck anyone who is running, enjoy it. It’s tough but the sense of achievement is amazing at the end.


Okay who’s going to do it next year dressed in hot coral or as hot chip?

Monzo give me 400 sign up bonuses I will :joy::joy::joy:

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Hey if someone else is doing it we could have a line of us. Monzo mug and 400 sign ups :heart:

I suggested Monzo have a team of Hot Coral cheer squad :tada::tada::tada:

Pushing the boat out here, but 400 signups and a slice of cake :cake:

That might be taking it a bit far lol :joy:

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Anyone from Monzo running today. I know that a lot of the Tough Monzo Group (me included) applies for the Marathon. I didn’t get in unfortunately (or fortunately maybe!).

It’s so I run on ballot that is the issue with getting on the London marathon and you need to raise over £1000 each for one of the charities. But if we can get places I’d do it.