London Marathon Cheer Team

Hi, not money related but I think Monzo should get a cheer team together for London Marathon. I will be running my third London Marathon next year, fifth marathon altogether. I’m sure out of the one million plus customers we have there are others and the appearance of a Monzo cheer team will show that Monzo care for their customers in more than a financial way.

I have not known any other bank to get on board this way and we all know Monzo are not like any other bank. It will show the not yet Monzo customers how much Monzo care for their customers and plus its a great day out. It could be staffed by Monzo and volunteer customers.

Low cost with a few banners and not far from the office.

Make it London’s biggest and loudest cheer station :grin:


That’s a great idea and I’m sure Monzo would back this.

The Monzo shop also has a great selection of clothes for volunteers to wear… I can just see a crowd of :mondo:s!