Lock on the app

(Michael Stephens) #1

Fingerprint lock on the app. Easy for people to nose


There’s TouchID on the IOS version and I believe they’re working on something for the Android version.

Someone did find a way to do it with the OnePlus devices.

(Michael Stephens) #3

Ah great , I’ve got a pixel, hopefully soon .

(Jake Oliver) #4

Yes on oneplus devices they offer the app locker feature to allow locking apps and it then opens the app and looks like so:

(Alex Sherwood) #5

While you’re waiting, you can use the Norton App Lock app or one of the other apps mentioned here.

This feature is on the roadmap :tada:

Revolut user very disappointed with Monzo
(Tommy Long) #6

If you’ve got a Pixel then just turn on fingerprint unlocking for the device? I’ve been very sceptical about fingerprint unlock in the past but the sensor on the Pixel is so good that it’s converted me to it!

(Michael Stephens) #7

Hey man , where is this function ?

(Tommy Long) #8

Settings -> Security -> Pixel Imprint… the sensor is the odd circle on the back

(Michael Stephens) #9

Ye. The app i was on about

(Tommy Long) #10

If you’ve already locked your phone then why would you need to separately lock the app?

(Thomas Horne) #11

Some people let their children use their phones. Something I don’t advise security wise; especially for games with in app purchases.

I also let my late girlfriend use my phone as at the time she was moving and I had unlimited 3G. She used it whilst I was there and she was waiting for the installers to connect her internet up.

Just two examples I can pull out of my head. :wink: